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1993 (1)
Some items of this category (full list): XSPICE Press Release

1997 (1)
Some items of this category (full list): Affordable Circuit Design software now features Mixed Analog/Digital Simulation

1998 (2)
Some items of this category (full list): CAD-MIGOS announces BSIM3V3.2 support in SPICE-IT! - Free Student Version of CircuitMaker© Software Released

1999 (5)
Some items of this category (full list): CAD-MIGOS announces SPICE-IT! for Windows Version 1.80 Network Edition - Cadence announces first PSpice Release 9.1 Simulator update with expanded front-end options and Web update - Intusoft's New ICAP/4 version 8.x.7 with enhanced features - New Multisim From Electronics Workbench Delivers Multiple Simulation Technologies - WaveFormer Pro supports Analog Signals and Waveform Comparison

2000 (5)
Some items of this category (full list): Announcing CircuitMaker 2000-The Virtual Electronics Lab - Ansoft announces Full-Wave (TM) Spice - Apsim and NEC announce new power and ground modeling software for LSI design noise analysis - Cadence and Transim to provide online PSpice and IC component evaluation - Intusoft: New Windows-based SpiceMod and Library Manager make SPICE production easy

2001 (13)
Some items of this category (full list): Ansoft announces breakthrough technology that speeds the design of wireless, broadband, and optical products - Ansoft announces HFSS Version 8.0 - Ansoft releases Simplorer® 5.0 - New Architecture enables better Automotive, Power-Electronic, and Drive-Systems Simulation - Cadence PSpice Advanced Analysis brings high-end design capability to the analog engineer - Celestry enters Hierarchical Simulator Market; Introduces Fast, Accurate, Full-Chip Simulator for Silicon Accurate Sign-off - Innoveda announces XTK with Spice co-simulation - Intusoft's ICAP/4 Windows 8.x.9 Release features Enhanced Monte Carlo, Optimization and Sweeps - Linear Technology announces SwitcherCAD III a fully functional Spice Simulator for switcher applications - Startup fields Spice debugging tool - Synaps unveils Epogy advanced computer aided exploration software for engineers - Synopsys announces NanoSim, a transistor-level solution for memory & mixed signal verification - Tanner EDA's New T-Spice Pro Designer streamlines the mixed-signal design process - Zuken offers information utility to IBIS/Signal Integrity community for free download

2002 (24)
Some items of this category (full list): AEi Systems announces webSPICE(tm) - SPICE simulation over the Web - Announcing Broadband SPICE™ - Ansoft releases Automotive Model Library for Simplorer® - Ansoft releases enhanced version of SIMPLORER SV - Ansoft releases Simplorer® 5.0 Student Version - Ansoft releases Simplorer® 6.0 - Apache Design Solutions introduces NSPICE, the next generation SPICE simulator for high-speed designs; new analog simulator meets or beats HSPICE accuracy - ApsimFDTD-SPICE, Hybrid 3D-Fullwave Electromagnetic and Nonlinear - austriamicrosystems supports Silvaco SmartSpice Simulator models - AWR licenses Synopsys HSPICE to reduce RFIC design time - B2 Spice v4.2 Animates Circuits and Integrates with Eagle - Celestry improves Circuit Performance and Yield, introduce New Model and Tool Support - Concept Engineering Introduces New SpiceVision™ Interactive Visualization Tool for Transistor-level Design and Debugging - Electronics Workbench creates StudentSuite for the electronics education market and announces exclusive distribution agreement with Pearson Prentice Hall - Electronics Workbench ships service pack 2 for its insdustry-leading Multisim and Ultiboard EDA products

2003 (24)
Some items of this category (full list): Anasift to enter high performance Op Amp optimization and synthesis market - Ansoft Announces SIMPLORER Power Suite - Ansoft releases SIwave v1.1; State-of-the-Art Power- and Signal-Integrity software provides automated analysis of PCBs and packages - Apache announces record first quarter results - Applied Simulation Technology Announces Protel to Apsim Interface - AWR Announces Analog Office for Next Generation Analog & RFIC Designs - AWR announces Microwave Office 2003 with focus on RF closure - Cadence acquires Celestry - Cadence Announces Aptivia Parallel Characterization Option; Specification-Driven Circuit Design Environment Now Slashes Validation Time Up to 10x - Cadence Ships OrCAD 10.0 Release - Cadence Takes on Mixed-Signal Design with Enhanced UltraSim Fast-SPICE Simulator; Performance Leader For Memory Designs Expands into Second Target Application - Concept Engineering announced the release of SpiceVision™ PRO - Electronics Workbench announces Multisim 7 and Multicap 7 for professional circuit engineers and designers - Hynix standardizes on Sandwork to debug analog/mixed-signal semiconductor designs - Intusoft's Client-Server Networking for Web based services

2004 (20)
Some items of this category (full list): Ansoft announces Q3D Extractor - new release provides synthesis solution for On-Chip passive structures - Ansoft Designer v2.0 - New release features solver on demand with Nexxim and Q3D Extractor to provide the most complete RF/Mixed-Signal IC design solution available today - Ansoft releases Simplorer v7 - Ansoft releases SIwave v2 - Apache and Xilinx unveil unique Signal Integrity Analysis Tool for Virtex-II Pro based multi-gigabit serial I/O designs - Apache introduces NSPICE for Power Integrity and Ultrawide Broadband simulation - Atmel adopts Cadence Virtuoso UltraSim FastSpice simulator for verifying complex mixed-signal designs - Electronics Workbench launches MultiSim 8 – the most powerful and cost-effective circuit design and simulation system - Intusoft releases (8.x.11) SPICE Simulation Tool Suite - Intusoft releases its Second-Generation IBIS2SPICE Converter - Intusoft Unveils Free SPICE Modeling Service - Low-cost Spice program adds features - Nassda announces HSIM integration with Mentor Graphics ADVance MS mixed-signal simulator - New SPICE Convergence Parameters Conquer High-Gain Feedback - Sandwork joins Synopsys in-Sync program for verification of analog and mixed-signal designs

2005 (9)
Some items of this category (full list): Compact Model Council Members Elect HiSIM-RF Surface Potential SPICE Model for Standardization - EMA Design Automation and AEi Systems Announce New Power IC Model Library for PSpice - Intusoft Releases (8.x.11 v. 2641) SPICE Simulation Tool Suite - Oki Standardized on Synopsys' HSPICE High Voltage MOS Model - Saturable-Core SPICE Models Boost Intusoft's "Magnetics Designer" - Spice simulation tool adds support for latest models including BSIM4, BSIM, SOI and EKV - Synopsys' HSPICE High-Voltage MOS Transistor Model Adopted by UMC - Trabuco Technologies sets New Standard for Analog IC Design Tools - Xoomsys Achieves 20x Speedup in Accurate Circuit Simulation on a 10-CPU Distributed Processing Cluster

2006 (13)
Some items of this category (full list): Analog and Mixed-Signal Chip Design gets more Productive with Tanner EDA's New S-Edit Schematic Capture Tool - Anasift Introduces AASPICE, the Accurate SPICE Analog Simulator; New Analog Simulator Meets HSPICE Accuracy - Berkeley Design Automation Launches Analog FastSPICETM and RF FastSPICETM - Intusoft Awarded US Patent for SPICE Simulation Templates - Intusoft's "Test Designer" SPICE Simulator Used to Create/Test Component Models Requested by Engineering Community - Magma Introduces FineSim SPICE Circuit Simulator - Nascentric Supports SpiceVision PRO From Concept Engineering - Sandwork Announces Newest Product in Analysis, Verification and Debugging (AVAD) Suite - Sandwork Spice Explorer and WaveView Analyzer 2006.1 Release Extends Support - Simucad Releases LDMOS and HV MOS Compact SPICE Models - Simucad Spins Off From Silvaco with Sights on IPO - Tanner EDA Announces T-Spice Pro v11.2 Includes Support for the Penn State Philips (PSP) Model - Virage Logic adopts Synopsys' HSPICE Simulator as Golden Simulator for 65-nm Library Sign-off

2007 (24)
Some items of this category (full list): Agilent Technologies Announces Breakthrough High-Frequency SPICE Simulation Technology for High-Speed Digital Board Design - Ansoft Releases SIwave v3.5 - Ansoft Releases TPA v5 - Berkeley Design Automation Brings Big Analog/RF IC Verification to Europe - Berkeley Design Automation Delivers Industry’s First True SPICE Accurate Simulator for >1M Transistor Circuits - Berkeley Design Automation’s Analog FastSPICE Selected by Atheros - Chip Designers Can Save Valuable Time With New Tanner Tools 12.2 For Analog And Mixed-Signal Design - KEMET releases New SPICE Modeling Software - Legend Releases Turbo-MSIM Fast-SPICE Simulator for Verification, Analysis and Characterization in SoC Design - Magma FineSim SPICE Supports STARC HiSIM Model with Proven 20x Faster Circuit Simulation and Nearly Exact Correlation to Silicon - Nangate's Design Audit and Library Characterization Platform Selected by RMI - Nascentric closes $7.2M investment round with Intel Capital and Austin Ventures - Nascentric Unveils Multithreaded Fast-Spice Simulator - Nu Horizons Electronics Expands Seminar Series Featuring LTspice/SwitcherCAD III by Linear Technology - Power IC Model Library for Cadence PSpice Expanded in New Release

2008 (22)
Some items of this category (full list): MSIM Simulator with 5X~10X Speedup for Characterizing CCS Timing Model of Cell Library - Analog FastSPICE Breaks Verification Barrier for Wideband RFCMOS Transceivers - Berkeley Design Automation Analog FastSPICE Selected by Next-Generation Japanese Supercomputer Project for 45nm Verification - Berkeley Design Automation Delivers Industry's First Comprehensive Noise Analysis Tool for Complex Nanometer Analog/RF Circuits - Berkeley Design Automation Enters Analog/RF Mixed-Signal Verification - Future Waves Selects Berkeley Design Automation Analog FastSPICE for Full-Circuit RF-CMOS Tuner IC Verification - Gemini unveils industry's fastest Spice-accurate analog simulation technology - Infiniscale joins Synopsys HSPICE Integrator program - Infinisim Announces RASER™, Breakthrough Simulator for Mixed-signal Designs - Nascentric Announces OmegaSim™ GX - the World’s First Hardware-Accelerated SPICE Simulator - Nascentric announces second generation, GPU accelerated Spice simulator, Omegasim™ GX - Nascentric unveils OmegaSim - Its Next Generation Mixed Analog/Digital Fast-SPICE Simulator - Skyworks Solutions Selects Berkeley Design Automation Analog FastSPICE™ for Multi-mode 3G Transceiver Simulation - STMicroelectronics Taps Synopsys HSIM-XA for Its Advanced Smart Power Technology - Summit Microelectronics Selects Analog FastSPICE™ for Full-Circuit Performance Verification of Programmable Power Management ICs

2009 (13)
Some items of this category (full list): Achronix Selects Synopsys as Its Leading EDA Partner - Berkeley Design Automation Analog FastSPICE Selected by NEC Electronics - Berkeley Design Automation Announces Analog FastSPICE RF-Industry’s First True SPICE Accurate Device Noise Analysis for RF Circuits - Berkeley Design Automation Delivers Analog FastSPICE Platform With 2x Higher Performance and 10x Higher Capacity - Cybereda Launches PCSIM: New Parallel Circuit Simulator with No-Compromise Approach Delivers 10X Improvement - Gemini begins shipment of GSim - Magma Announces Next-Generation Mixed-Signal Design Flow With New Release of Titan Platform - Magma's FineSim SPICE Chosen by Technology Leaders & Innovators as Standard for Verification of Large Analog IP Designs - Newport Media Standardizes on Berkeley Design Automation Analog FastSPICE Platform for Analog/RF Verification - NVIDIA Tesla GPUs now shipping with Dell personal supercomputers - Orora Unveils Automated Analog Behavioral Model Generation with 100x-1000x Speedup over SPICE for Complex Mixed-Signal Verification - Panasonic standardizes on Magma's FineSim Spice simulator - SMIC Deploys Synopsys HSPICE Simulator for 45-nm Physical IP and Standard Cell Development

2010 (4)
Some items of this category (full list): ANSYS Releases Ansoft Designer 6.0 with Solver on Demand Technology Integrating HFSS and HSPICE - Intusoft Releases (8.x.11 v. 3684) SPICE Simulation Tool Suite and DSP Designer - New 2010.2 Release is Available for Advanced Spice Modeling - Solido Opens SPICE-based Variation Designer Platform for Additional Third-party Integration

2011 (11)
Some items of this category (full list): Analog Devices' SPICE Simulation Tool Upgrade Now Allows Engineers To Design Larger, Complex Circuits And Import Models - Berkeley Design Automation and Accelicon Technologies Accelerate SPICE Model Generation and Characterization - Intusoft Releases (8.x.11 v. 3839) Simulation Software Release 8.x.11 Build 3839 - Magma's FineSim SPICE Enables Diodes Incorporated to Accelerate Tape Out of Two Highly Integrated Synchronous Switching Voltage Regulators - Magma's FineSim SPICE Enables Dolphin Technology to Achieve 6X Faster Simulation Runtime, Reducing Time to Market and Improving IP Quality - Meet the New Social Marketplace for Exchanging and Selling Electronic Designs - Mentor Graphics Introduces the Eldo Premier Simulator - Synopsys to Acquire Magma Design Automation - The new version of SimOne Beta is now available - TI's new TINA-TI™ 9.1 increases speed 5X, adds Chinese, Japanese and Russian versions - Vivid Engineering releases Symica EDA tool suite

2012 (12)
Some items of this category (full list): Berkeley Design Automation Announces Analog FastSPICE™ AMS - Cadence Releases OrCAD 16.6, Boosts PSpice Performance By Up to 20 Percent - Concept Engineering Adds Support for Cadence(R) Virtuoso(R) Spectre(R) to StarVision(TM) PRO, SpiceVision(R) PRO and SGvision(TM) PRO - Cree Releases SPICE Model for Silicon Carbide Power MOSFET - New Release of the Free Analog Devices SPICE Simulation Tool Visualizes and Enhances Component Evaluation for Linear Designs - Synopsys Collaborates with Sigrity to Accelerate Signal Integrity Analysis - Tanner EDA Announces Tanner Analog FastSPICE - Tanner EDA Releases HiPer Silicon™ v15.23 - The new version of SimOne 1.2 is now available - The new version of SimOne 1.2.1 Beta is now available - The new version of SimOne 1.3 is now available - TI introduces industry's first SAR ADC with SPICE model

2013 (7)
Some items of this category (full list): Berkeley Design Automation Announces Analog FastSPICE™ Mega - Cadence Introduces Spectre XPS, A New FastSPICE Simulator Delivering Up To 10X Faster Throughput - NI Multisim 13.0 Enhances Analog, Digital and Power Circuit Simulation for Education, Research, and Professional Design - ProPlus Design Solutions Unveils Next-Generation Pure SPICE Simulator for Giga-Scale Simulations - Si2 Announces Acquisition of the Compact Model Council - Synopsys and TSMC Collaborate to Deliver 16-nm Custom Design Reference Flow - Tanner EDA Provides Leap in Design Team Productivity with Release v16 of Widely-installed HiPer Silicon Full-flow Analog, Mixed-signal Design Suite

2014 (11)
Some items of this category (full list): ADIsimPE Sets Standard For Power Circuit Speed, Accuracy, Virtual Prototyping - Cadence Extends Spectre XPS to Support Mixed-Signal Designs - Cree Releases SPICE Models for C2M SiC Power MOSFETs - Customize and simulate analog designs with TIs WEBENCH® Schematic Editor - EMA Offers Expanded Power IC Model Library for Cadence PSpice - Fairchild Launches Only High Voltage SPICE Models for the Entire Power Discrete Technology Platform - Mentor Graphics Acquires Berkeley Design Automation to Advance Nanometer Analog/Mixed-Signal Verification - Mentor Graphics Analog FastSPICE Platform Certified by TSMC for 16nm FinFET Manufacturing Processes - Multisim Touch Simulates Circuit Designs Anywhere, Anytime - New cooperation with CadSoft Computer GmbH - ProPlus Design Solutions Releases NanoSpice Giga SPICE Simulator for Memory Applications

2015 (0)
Some items of this category (full list):

2016 (2)
Some items of this category (full list): Powersim Releases PSIM v11.0 With Extensive Functionalities, Including a New Spice Engine - Synopsys redefines Circuit Simulation with Native Environment