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English (14)
Some items of this category (full list): Christophe Basso's Spice home page - Design Automation Cafe - eCircuit Center - Improved vacuum tube models for SPICE simulations - Simulating Solar Sprint with Spice (Chuck Wright) - SMPS switch mode power supplies design - SPICE and the art of preamplifier design - SPICE Circuit Simulator Reference Manual - The designer's guide - The Spice Page from the EECS Department of the University of California at Berkeley - UC Berkeley's BSIM3 - UC Berkeley's BSIM4 - Vacuum Tube Preamplifier Analysis and SPICE Simulation - YouSpice

French (2)
Some items of this category (full list): Introduction au logiciel Hspice - Noël Loutre's home page Tube based HiFi amp

Portuguese (1)
Some items of this category (full list): PSpice power electronics