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Design tips (5)
Some items of this category (full list): Convergence issues in Resonant Tunneling Diode Circuit Simulation - Design and analysis of a low-power energy-recovery adder - Spice Model Quality: Process Development Viewpoint - The Development of Analog SPICE Behavioral Model Based on IBIS Model - Use P-SPICE to design your power supply control loop

Modeling considerations (20)
Some items of this category (full list): A general approach to circuit equations - Build accurate Spice models for low-noise, low-power precision amplifiers - Comparison of Duty Cycle Generator Algorithms for SPICE Simulation of SMPS - IBIS and Spice timing mismatches - Integrated Simulation Solution for Advanced Power Devices - Low-capacitance TVS devices for high-frequency applications - Model parameter identification with SPICE OPUS: a comparison of direct search and elitistic genetic algorithm - Nonlinear device models - Optimisation methods in SPICE, a comparison - Optimisation of analog circuits with SPICE 3F4 - Some application notes on reduction operators - SPICE simulation and tradeoffs of CMOS LNA performance with source-degeneration inductor - Take your op amp from Pspice netlist to Allegro design sub-circuit - Tips for Converting Level 49 HSPICE models to Level 7 PSpice models - Understanding Spice models

Opinions (11)
Some items of this category (full list): Crystal Set Detector Simulation using the SPICE Computer Program - Do we need another Spice? Yes, and here's why. - Going nonlinear - Inside simulation and modeling for signal integrity - Internet as a new Graphical User Interface for the SPICE Circuit Simulator - Is Fast SPICE Simulation Hitting a Wall? - SPICE based circuit analysis using Web pages - Spice model helps improve Time-to-Market performance - SPICE Models No Longer Only A Foundry’s Worry - SPICE: a 40-year old open-source success story - The way for fast multicore SPICE simulations

Simulation tips (25)
Some items of this category (full list): Use PSpice models to estimate amplifier noise - Analyze LED characteristics with PSpice - Beyond Spice: Field-solver software steps in for modeling high-frequency, space-constrained circuits - Delay line aids in one-shot simulations - Delay line eases Spice dead-time generation - Envelope Simulation by SPICE-Compatible Models - Exploring the nature of Spice Convergence problems - Extraction of Transient Behavioral Model of Digital I/O Buffers from IBIS - How to Think Like Spice (creating the circuit model) - Inline equations offer hysteresis switch in PSpice - Modular macromodeling techniques for Spice simulators - Noise simulation using PSpice for semiconductor detectors and associated electronics - Online Loudspeaker Enclosure Calculation - Simplify worst-case PSpice simulations with customized measurement expressions - SPICE Conducts EMI Analysis