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ApsimFDTD-SPICE, Hybrid 3D-Fullwave Electromagnetic and Nonlinear
San Jose, California - June 10, 2002 - Applied Simulation Technology is announcing the release of a hybrid simulator. ApsimFDTD-SPICE is a 3D-full wave electromagnetic field solver and non-lin

Applied Simulation Technology Announces Protel to Apsim Interface
San Jose, California - Aug. 25, 2003 - Applied Simulation Technology is announcing the release and support of an interface to the Protel DXP PCB layout system. The interface gives Protel users

Apsim and NEC announce new power and ground modeling software for LSI design noise analysis
San Jose, California - January 29, 2001 - Applied Simulation Technology announced ApsimLPG, a new software tool aimed at predicting high frequency currents in LSI designs. The tool was co-deve

ApsimFDTD-SPICE is a time-domain hybrid simulator of 3D full-wave electromagnetic and nonlinear circuits designed to accurately account for all such physical effects. ApsimFDTD-SPICE allows designers

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