Schematic Capture with Cadence PSpice (Marc E. Herniter)

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Marc E. Herniter, Schematic Capture with Cadence PSpice, 2nd edition, Prentice Hall, 2002, ISBN 0130484008

These manuals show the reader how to use the Cadence/Orcad version of the PSpice circuit simulation program with the Orcad Capture front end. Focusing on a wide range of circuits, they feature a collection of examples that show how to create a circuit, how to run the different analyses, and how to obtain the results from those analyses. The topics covered in this book are editing a basic schematic using Orcad/Capture, Probe, DC nodal analysis, DC sweep, AC sweep, transient analysis, creating and modifying models using Orcad/Capture, digital simulations, Monte Carlo analyses, and project management with Orcad/Capture CIS. For electrical engineers, computer engineers, and workers in power electronics, analog electronics, circuit simulation, and project managers.

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