SPICE: A Guide to Circuit Simulation and Analysis Using PSpice (Paul Tuinenga)

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Paul Tuinenga, SPICE: A Guide to Circuit Simulation and Analysis Using PSpice, Third Edition, Prentice-Hall, 1995, ISBN 0-13-158775-7

Revision of best-selling guide to the PSpice circuit simulator by an authoritative author. Provides a "tutorial approach" to using PSpice through graduated examples. Comprehensive coverage of the newest capabilities of this program. Explains the use of "Monte Carlo methods" in PSpice for statistically computing estimates of how circuits will behave with variations in component values. Explains the use of sensitivity calculations and "worst case analysis" in PSpice for discovering the maximum range of circuit performance and the causes of extreme operations. Two-Port Network Analysis, explains derivation and use of two-port parameters, including s-parameters.

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