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TopSPICE is still the price/performance leader in true analog/digital/behavioral mixed-mode simulation for the PC. It offers the most advanced simulator in its price range, compatibility, and a quick and easy to use integrated design environment from schematic capture to graphical waveform analysis.

TopSPICE is a native full-featured mixed-mode mixed-signal circuit simulator capable of simulating circuits containing any arbitrary combination of analog devices, digital functions and high-level behavioral blocks. With TopSPICE you can verify and optimize your design from the system to the transistor level. By using the built-in logic simulator to simulate the digital sections of your circuit instead of analog equivalents, mixed-mode simulation times can be reduced by orders of magnitude.

The TopSPICE/Win32 simulator includes state-of-art convegence algorithms. It can successfully simulate all the circuits in the industry standard NCSU CBL SPICE benchmark making it one of best converging SPICE programs at any price.

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