Silvaco releases 64-bit version of Spice - SmartSpice XL (Silvaco)

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Silvaco has completed development on a turbo-charged 64-bit version of SmartSpice, capable of simulating circuits of multimillion elements with true analog SPICE accuracy.

There is no other Spice simulator today capable of this performance. Until now circuit designers were forced to sacrifice accuracy to simulate multimillion element designs.

"A simulation of a large circuit ran on a dedicated, multi-threaded parallel 4 CPU machine with 16G RAM, 16G SWAP, running Solaris 8 and set a new record in Spice circuit simulation size" stated Dr. Ivan Pesic, President and CEO of Silvaco.

Circuit elements and run-time short summary:

File size: 263,106,537 bytes
CMOS BSIM4 model: 123,769
Independent voltage source: 19
Capacitor: 1,838,609
Resistor: 1,104,567
Voltage controlled V source: 4
Transient Run Time:  75hrs

SmartSpice XL is fine-tuned for performance on SUN parallel servers running under Solaris 8.

SmartSpice XL is available now.

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