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OREM, UTAH -­ January 22 1998 - MicroCode Engineering has announced the release of a new Student Version of their popular CircuitMaker© electronic design and simulation software. Students can use CircuitMaker to learn electronics and better prepare for an electronics career. Best of all, the Student Version is available for free for students to download from MicroCode?s website at

?This new Student Version of CircuitMaker will be a great asset to those studying electronics, engineering, physics and even math, because it gives students access to industry-level circuit design and simulation for free,? said Russell Arnold, director of sales and marketing at MicroCode. ?Using CircuitMaker, students can design electronic circuits, then test and troubleshoot them right on the computer. There are no expensive parts or equipment to buy, and they can make changes to their circuits and see the results instantly.?

The CircuitMaker software provides a ?Virtual Electronics Lab?? where users can freely experiment with electronic circuits and learn how to create working electronic devices. Users can design basic to advanced circuits, like those used in radios, TVs and computers. The software provides a comprehensive library of devices to choose from, and has various ?virtual instruments? like oscilloscopes and multimeters that allow users to measure, test and troubleshoot the circuits they create.

Educational institutions worldwide, from high schools to universities, use CircuitMaker extensively in the classroom to teach electronics. CircuitMaker helps students learn electronics theory and see how it applies to real-life situations. CircuitMaker also gives schools an affordable supplement to traditional electronics lab equipment, which can be costly to maintain.

"I have been using CircuitMaker for approximately 9 years,? said Terry A. Scott, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Northern Colorado. ?Before we had CircuitMaker we did the labs in hardware and experienced many difficulties including blown components, mistakes in wiring, limits on circuit complexity and limits on time. CircuitMaker has done away with all those problems and has allowed more complicated and instructive circuits to be assigned than was previously possible. The students really love this software. There are many exciting things that can be done with it, with minimal knowledge."

Earlier this year, MicroCode Engineering celebrated the 10th anniversary of CircuitMaker by donating site licenses of the program to a number of local schools and colleges in the state of Utah.

The Student Version has the same basic features as the current CircuitMaker Version 6, but is restricted to a maximum of 50 parts per design and a library of only 1,000 models. Other limitations of the Student Version include PCB netlist output, which is restricted to TraxMaker© format only, and the creation of new devices which is not supported in the Student Version.

Students who are unable to download the Student Version or who prefer a hard copy can purchase a CircuitMaker Student Version CD with User Manual for $50 from MicroCode Engineering directly. The software is available now, and runs on the Windows? 3.1, 95, 98 and NT platforms. MicroCode also offers a companion product TraxMaker©, which allows users to take the circuit designs from CircuitMaker and create the physical printed circuit board layout for the device.

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