CAD-MIGOS announces SPICE-IT! for Windows Version 1.80 Network Edition (CAD-MIGOS)

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Redwood City, California - April 18, 1999 - SPICE-IT! for Windows Version 1.80 Network Edition has been released allowing floating license management for network installations of both the professional and academic platforms. This configuration allows any workstation on a shared network that has access to the networked application to execute it provided that the number of simultaneous users has not reached its predefined limit. The program executable may reside on either the network server or on each individual workstation while the floating licenses are managed on the network server.

The network edition of SPICE-IT! provides an efficient and cost effective solution for installations where multiple users need access to the system and wish to share designs, libraries, projects, and other common files. It also allows workstations to be modified or replaced without concern to re-licensing the SPICE-IT! design system for the new workstation. In addition, the floating license configuration is particularly well suited for academic environments where daily usage moves from classroom to lab to external access from a dorm room.

The floating license configuration may be run on network file servers or peer-to-peer network servers conforming to the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) network path including Netware, Netware Lite, Banyan Vines, Windows Networking Servers, Lantastic, and Linux-based Samba. This convention provides a consistent method for client access to an named external server (e.g. \\SERVER\SHARE\PATH. Future plans call for server identification by IP addressing over the TCP/IP protocol.

Pricing for SPICE-IT! for Windows Network Edition is heavily discounted as the number of available licenses increases. Site licenses available for up to 100 licenses for either academic or professional environments. Product availability is immediate. For pricing information, contact Pamela Schneider at (650) 363-2813 or email at Product demos are available at

Product Background: SPICE-IT! for Windows is derived from Berkeley SPICE 3F5 (including BSIM 3.v3.2 primitive suppport for IC foundry model simulation) and contains an interactive mixed-mode SPICE simulation engine, a graphical WYSIWYG schematic editor and WYSIWYG symbol editor, syntax sensitive text editing. Additional features include a tree-based component library and project organizer, Electrical Rules Check, automatic graph generation, SPICE Model Wizard, circuit debugging, device-model libraries, power calculations for BSIM 1, 2, and 3 model primitives, OLE support for Drag and Drop, Copy, Save and Publish functionality for log windows, and integrated Internet support. Platform interoperability is enhanced with high-performance export links to EDIF 2.0, PADS PowerPCB, Orcad, Protel, and more than 30 other formats.

Company Mission Statement: CAD-Migos Software Tools, Inc. (a privately held corporation) is dedicated to provide the highest quality, affordable, advanced engineering software tools to extend the productivity and technology boundaries of our society. CAD-Migos Software is focused on the expanding Windows NT - EDA CAE/CAD marketplace for engineers and scientists.

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