Intusoft's New ICAP/4 version 8.x.7 with enhanced features (Intusoft)

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San Pedro, CA - November 15, 1999 - Intusoft today announced the latest release of its popular analog and mixed-signal circuit design tool, ICAP/4, adding new features and enhancements to the already successful ICAP/4 family of products.

ICAP/4 is the industry’s best SPICE simulation package for analog and mixed-signal circuit design. The ICAP/4 integrated software package combines the innovation of IsSpice4 technology, the power of the SpiceNet schematic entry program, the versatility of the IntuScope waveform viewer, and ease of our vast model libraries, all designed to make analog and mixed-signal circuit design faster, easier, and more cost-effective. The integrated ICAP/4 software package includes:

New Features and Enhancements

The latest version of ICAP/4, version 8.x.7, adds useful new features as well as several enhancements to the much sought-after software package. The additions to version 8.x.7 of ICAP/4 include:

The list price of ICAP/4 products start as low as $995.00 and varies depending on the package selected. ICAP/4 requires Windows 95/98 or Windows NT and a minimum of 16meg of RAM. One year of product maintenance is included in the purchase price.

About Intusoft
Established in 1985, Intusoft designs, develops and markets software applications and tools for analog and mixed-signal circuit design, analysis and test automation to electronics industries worldwide.

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