Celestry enters Hierarchical Simulator Market; Introduces Fast, Accurate, Full-Chip Simulator for Silicon Accurate Sign-off (Celestry)

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SAN JOSE, Calif. - May 7, 2001 - Celestry™ Design Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of Silicon Accurate Sign-off™ physical analysis solutions for the semiconductor and electronics industry, today announced that it is entering the fast hierarchical simulation market with the introduction of a new fast, accurate, large capacity transistor-level circuit simulator that handles flat and hierarchical designs and offers timing, power, noise and reliability analysis-UltraSim™

UltraSim is the first commercially available sign-off simulator to offer simulation of 1 billion-transistor memory circuits and provide full-chip capacity for memory, logic and mixed-signal designs with built-in reliability simulation. It eliminates the need to use multiple simulators, analysis tools and additional power and reliability tools.

UltraSim is a SPICE-precise simulator that handles large flat and hierarchical designs. It offers power and reliability analysis, accurate device models and easy integration into an existing design flow.

"This is a natural extension of our leadership position in the physical analysis market where we leverage our knowledge to provide the most Silicon Accurate Sign-off and design closure solutions. Our fundamental advantages at the device modeling level enable us to deliver breakthrough changes in capacity and simulation performance without any reduction in accuracy," noted Dr. Zhihong Liu, the president and CEO of Celestry.

"UltraSim extends our high-capacity, high-speed sign-off solutions from the cell level to the transistor level with added accuracy," added Dale Pollek, Celestry's vice president of marketing. "Early users of UltraSim include reliability engineers and designers at one of the world's leading microprocessor companies, a company providing low-power chips and those who need to simulate large memory circuits."

What UltraSim Offers
Fast, Billion Transistor Memory Simulations
UltraSim run times match or exceed by orders of magnitude known alternatives with near SPICE accuracy. For example, UltraSim has simulated a 50 million transistors SRAM circuit in less than 40 minutes with near SPICE accuracy and an entire 1Gb DRAM (over one billion transistors) in less than 1 hour. UltraSim can be used on all types of designs (memory, logic and mixed signal) and any styles (flat and/or hierarchical).

Complete Post-layout Solution
In addition to pre-layout simulation, UltraSim offers seamless integration with Celestry's industry leading hierarchical RC extraction and reduction technologies to offer a complete post-layout solution. UltraSim uses post layout RC data to achieve its silicon accurate simulation results.

Timing, Power, Noise and Reliability Analysis
UltraSim offers timing, power, noise and reliability (hot carrier) analysis and will add IR drop and electromigration analysis later this year.

Compatibility and Easy to Use
UltraSim recognizes HSPICE format netlists and is compatible with most of the commercial SPICE simulators. UltraSim also supports Celestry's BTABERT® reliability simulator formats. It has a built-in hierarchical waveform viewer and database browser.

UltraSim supports SPICE (BSIM3 CMOS and GP BJT) models, Celestry's Silicon on Insulator (SOI) models, HVMOS models for high voltage applications and Hot Carrier Injection (HCI) reliability models compatible with BTABERT.

Price and Availability
Beta versions of UltraSim for Sun Solaris and Windows NT operating systems are shipping now. Production versions and a HP-UX operating system version begin shipping in early Q3. Prices start at $50,000 (USD) and depend on the configuration, options and use model.

About Celestry
Celestry is the leading provider of Silicon Accurate Sign-off physical analysis solutions that enable IC and SoC designers to achieve optimal performance from semiconductor process technologies-solutions that help close the gap between potential nanometer technology performance and the performance of ICs and SoCs. The Company delivers a comprehensive suite of modeling, simulation, physical analysis and physical synthesis tools and services for developing digital, mixed-signal and analog ICs and SoCs that are used in networking, communication, multimedia and computing products. For more information visit www.celestry.com.

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