Software Product Management (Daniel Conde)

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Software Product Management, Aspatore Books, 2002, ISBN 1587622025

Software Product Management, written by leading software product manager Daniel Conde, details step by step the software product process from idea to product to marketing to successful sales. Software product management is a difficult task that deals with deadlines, differing customer needs, vague user requirements and tight resources. This book, based on real world experiences, provides exact steps on how a team can smoothly work together to achieve the common goal of releasing a great software product on time. Although the book focuses on software, the steps and guidelines presented in this book can also be implemented by product managers of all types, as well as individuals that work with product managers and professionals in other industries who need to create, market and sell products. This timeless classic provides incredibly useful information for both experts and novices alike, and should be a fixture on the bookshelf of every product manager, programmer, CTO, entrepreneur and anyone interested on a personal or professional level in software.

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