PowerMOS Transistors (Philips Semiconductors)

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2N7000 2N7002
BS107A BS170 BS250 BSH101 BSH102 BSH103 BSH105 BSH106 BSH107 BSH201 BSH202 BSH203 BSH205 BSH206 BSH207 BSN10 BSN20 BSN205 BSN20W BSN254 BSN304 BSP100 BSP110 BSP121 BSP126 BSP130 BSP204 BSP205 BSP206 BSP225 BSP230 BSP250 BSP254 BSP304 BSP92 BSS123 BSS192 BSS84 BSS87 BSS89 BSS92 BST100 BST120 BST122 BST72A BST82
PHB11N06LT PHB12NQ15T PHB130N03LT PHB18NQ10T PHB20NQ20T PHB23NQ10T PHB23NQ15T PHB27NQ10T PHB30NQ15T PHB34NQ10T PHB45N03LT PHB45NQ10T PHB50N03LT PHB55N03LT PHB69N03LT PHB87N03LT PHB9NQ20T PHC20512 PHC21025 PHC2300 PHD45N03LT PHK4NQ10T PHK5NQ10T PHKD3NQ10T PHN1011 PHN1015 PHN1018 PHN110 PHN203 PHN205 PHN210 PHN708 PHP109 PHP125 PHP130N03LT PHP18NQ20T PHP212 PHP225 PHT6NQ10T PHW35NQ20T PHW50NQ15T PHW80NQ10T PMBF170 PSMN004-25B PSMN005-55B PSMN015-100B PSMN025-100D PSMN035-150B PSMN063-150D PSMN070-200B PSMN130-200D

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