Schottky Barrier Diodes (Philips Semiconductors)

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1PS70SB10 1PS70SB40 1PS70SB82 1PS74SB23 1PS74SB43 1PS75SB45 1PS76SB10 1PS76SB17 1PS76SB21 1PS76SB40 1PS76SB62 1PS76SB70 1PS79SB10 1PS79SB30 1PS79SB40 1PS79SB62 1PS88SB48 1PS88SB82
BAS240 BAS270 BAS40 BAS40-04W BAS70 BAS70-04W BAT120A BAT54 BAT720 BAT721 BAT74 BAT754L BAT85 BAT854AW

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