Simulations for electronic devices using PSpice (James L. Antonakos)

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James L. Antonakos, Simulations for electronic devices using PSpice, Prentice Hall, 2000, ISBN 0136464726

Using a "hands-on" approach, this self-contained, step-by-step laboratory manual features 21 experiments that use PSpice to simulate the operation of many typical electronic devices--from diodes, through BJTs, FETs, and OpAmps. It enables readers to perform important and relevant analyses completely on the computer--without the cost of the associated lab equipment. All lab circuits are provided on an accompanying disk/CD-ROM. Features many screen shots that let readers know exactly what to expect, and troubleshooting exercises in each experiment. Introduction to PSpice. The AC Voltage Source. The Diode. Rectifier Circuits. The Zener Diode. The Silicon-Controlled Rectifier. The DIAC and TRIAC. The Bipolar-Junction Transistor. BJT Biasing Circuits. The Transistor as a Switch. BJT Amplifier Circuits. The Junction Field-Effect Transistor. FET Biasing Circuits. FET Amplifier Circuits. The FET-BJT Cascaded Amplifier. The Unijunction Transistor. The Operational Amplifier. OPAMP Configurations. The OPAMP Analog Thermometer. The OPAMP Voltage-Regulated Power Supply. The OPAMP Function Generator. For anyone who want to learn about the operation of many typical electronic devices by using the popular PSpice software.

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