AEi Systems announces webSPICE(tm) - SPICE simulation over the Web (AEi Systems)

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LOS ANGELES, Calif. - May 16, 2002 - AEi Systems, a world leader in SPICE modeling, today announced the availability of webSPICE(tm), a new software product that enables interactive analog and mixed-signal circuit simulation over the Internet. Semiconductor vendors may now use webSPICE to assist design engineers worldwide with product selection and the viewing of customized applications circuits over the Web. webSPICE dramatically enhances the communication of product performance allowing engineers to customize and simulate circuits for products they are interested in buying. It allows engineers to obtain valuable information without resorting to prototyping or technical support from the vendor?s application engineering group.

webSPICE opens up the world of analog simulation to web marketing, online datasheets, and collaborative design flows. The educational and online teaching uses for webSPICE are also far reaching.

webSPICE allows a company to present a simulatable circuit design on a web page. The schematic of the design to be simulated, seamlessly integrates onto its own page or a page with other information (datasheet, performance specs, ordering information, etc.) Engineers may modify the schematic and view the waveform results using their web browser. It is easy to interactively change component values and stimulus sources, vary operational conditions and perform tests such as transient step responses, Bode plots and min/max load tests. Alternate passive and active components may even be changed out. Detailed simulation data is provided by webSPICE through interactive cross-probing and graphs.

The software resides and runs on the host company?s (purchasing company or AEi) server with minimal schematic and post processing functions running client-side. webSPICE currently supports Cadence?s PSpice, Intusoft?s IsSpice, and SPICE 3 as the back-end simulator. It can use models and circuit syntax supported by any of these simulators. A custom file architecture using XML and XSL technology allows new webSPICE circuit designs to be added to the vendor?s web site easily and quickly in just a few hours.

webSPICE can be used to simulate any circuit that can normally be simulated by a SPICE simulator, including virtually any analog, mixed-signal, or electro-mechanical design. Analyses such as AC, DC, transient, noise, distortion, and sensitivity are all available.

Simulations run using the industry standard SPICE program are typically completed in less than 30 seconds. ?Faster computers and new SPICE modeling techniques have served to cut simulation times down to the equivalent of an interactive amount of time. webSPICE is doing power system simulations in under a few seconds,? states Charles Hymowitz, AEi System?s CEO.

Redefining the Modern Component Data Sheet
Strategic marketing directors will be interested in the ability to ?webSPICE-Up? their data sheets with interactive simulations for their application circuits. In other words, datasheets incorporating webSPICE are no longer limited to static pre-canned schematic snapshots. Instead of just looking at a circuit image and wondering whether the device is suitable for a particular operating range, engineers may now reconfigure the circuit ?on the fly? and actually simulate the performance under varying conditions of interest.

Companies using webSPICE can integrate, maintain, and expand its usage. Datasheets are just a starting point for the incorporation of webSPICE into the marketing and sales process. For instance, since a webSPICE-driven simulation can be positioned on any web page, the bill of materials emanating from a satisfactory circuit simulation can be integrated into the company?s ordering system. Other uses are also possible. For example, in an effort to reduce product time-to-market, reduction in design cycle time and product development costs, engineers working in a group or across multiple companies may perform several virtual design qualifications before committing to actual production.

SPICE Modeling Services
Since webSPICE works with IsSpice or PSpice, it is capable of using the thousands of models already in existence. For parts without models, AEi Systems offers a SPICE modeling service for all types of analog and mixed-signal devices including power semiconductor ICs.

?Obviously displaying application circuits for customer simulation places a large burden on the SPICE modeling process. While thousands of SPICE models exist, many for newer parts do not. AEi System?s modeling services fill this need? states Hymowitz.

AEi Systems has created models for many major analog IC manufacturers and their customers, including Unitrode/TI, Linear Technology, National Semiconductor, ON Semiconductor, Motorola, Analog Devices, International Rectifier, General Semiconductor, and others. A partial list of the models developed in the past is available on AEi Systems? web site,

Pricing and Availability
webSPICE is available now. Source code, object code, and time-based licenses are available directly from AEi Systems. There is no ?per-simulation? charge, whether the simulation is hosted by AEi Systems or the software purchaser. webSPICE is sold as a software package that allows the purchaser to add its own schematic/circuit templates. Turn-key systems with AEi Systems hosting the server-side simulation are also available.

About AEi Systems, LLC
AEi Systems is a world leader in SPICE modeling, worst case, failure and reliability analysis, and power systems analysis and design. The company is led by its CEO, Charles Hymowitz, former co-founder and COO of Intusoft. AEi Systems serves nearly every significant IC and aerospace manufacturer and many of their customers.

In 2002, AEi Systems is following and expanding upon its tradition of on-time service to a demanding clientele. With representatives across the United States, and a growing international reach, AEi's headquarters are in Los Angeles, California. For more information on AEi Systems, please contact the company at 310-216-1144 or visit the company?s website at

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