Tanner EDA's New T-Spice Pro Designer streamlines the mixed-signal design process (Tanner EDA)

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June 18, 2001 - Las Vegas, NV - Tanner EDA, a division of Tanner Research, Inc. and the leading supplier of custom integrated circuit design tools for personal computers, today announced the release of T-Spice Pro Designer, a powerful and complete system for schematic capture, simulation, and analysis of analog and mixed-signal designs. Tanner EDA has partnered with Innoveda®, an industry leader in electronic product design solutions, to combine Innoveda's strong front-end design tools with Tanner EDA's proven technology for circuit simulation and waveform analysis. T-Spice Pro Designer, with Tanner's complete suite of IC design tools, will be demonstrated at booth #3025 of the Design Automation Conference (DAC).

Dr. John Tanner, President and Founder of Tanner Research, Inc., explains the impact of the new tool suite, "Our PC-based back-end chip design tools have long led the market, and our T-Spice simulation tool is quickly coming to challenge the leader in analog simulation. Recognizing the market leadership of Innoveda in schematic front-end tools, Tanner EDA integrated ViewDraw® with T-Spice to give custom IC engineers a single product solution for modern analog and mixed-signal circuit design. The functionality and affordability of the resulting package gives our customers a tremendous advantage in creating advanced designs while controlling design cost."

Flexible Schematic Entry with ViewDraw

T-Spice Pro Designer includes a fully integrated suite of front-end tools from Innoveda that include project management features, hierarchical schematic entry, and automated netlist creation. The most prominent new tool in this line-up is ViewDraw, a feature-laden schematic editor for hierarchical designs. "We are excited to have ViewDraw with T-Spice Pro Designer because it enables us to share designs with the larger semiconductor community," says Jim Ampe, Senior Electrical Engineer at Praxis, Inc. "The ViewDraw integration gives us what we need to view, simulate, and create schematics compatible with more IC designs, at a terrific package value."

Other Innoveda tools offered in T-Spice Pro Designer include the Dashboard design management center, the SpiceLink netlisting utility, and the Schematic Checker tool for pinpointing connectivity violations. Dashboard, a launching pad for all T-Spice Pro Designer tools, creates a project-centered, virtual file structure in which users can manage project data or libraries from a central server.

T-Spice Provides High-Speed, Reliable Simulation

At the core of T-Spice Pro Designer is Tanner EDA's robust circuit simulator, T-Spice?. The T-Spice simulation engine has distinguished itself from other simulation tools by its unique table-based modeling capabilities for high-speed simulation of digital circuit components. T-Spice device models include support for the latest MOSFET and BJT foundry processes.

"What I like most about T-Spice Pro Designer is its ability to simulate every circuit I throw at," says J. P. Curzan, Senior Design Engineer for Nova Research, Inc. "Other simulators that I've used before have not been able to find a DC operating point for similar circuits, including both logic elements and analog elements with very small currents."

W-Edit Introduces New Post-Processing Capabilities

T-Spice Pro Designer introduces new, extended capabilities in W-Edit?, Tanner EDA's real-time waveform viewer. W-Edit goes beyond data visualization to provide advanced post-simulation data processing, including spectral analysis. With a user customized FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) function, IC engineers can now perform quick, time-saving checks of key design characteristics.

Pricing and Availability

T-Spice Pro Designer is available today for new customers or as an upgrade option for T-Spice Pro users. Support is provided for Windows 98/NT and 2000 platforms. Please contact Tanner EDA sales for pricing at dacsales@tanner.com or toll-free at 877.325.2223. For pricing outside North America, contact your local distributor. International distributors are listed on the Tanner EDA Web site at www.tannereda.com.

Tanner EDA Background

Tanner EDA is a division of Tanner Research, Inc., a privately held company with corporate offices in Pasadena, California. Tanner EDA was the first provider of custom IC layout, verification, and simulation software for the PC. Specializing in innovative EDA software for analog and mixed-signal IC design, Tanner's Windows® products are known for their affordability, ease-of-use, unique layout crafting support, simulation technology, and customization capabilities. Tanner Tools are popular with analog, RFIC, mixed-signal, imaging array, memory, and power chip designers of cells, cores, IP blocks, and complete integrated circuits. With over 12,000 licenses worldwide, many designers rely exclusively on Tanner Tools. More information about Tanner EDA , its products and services may be found at www.tannereda.com.

Innoveda Background

Innoveda, Inc. is a leading provider of innovative software and services that help engineers visualize, design, and build advanced electronic systems. In March 2000 the company was formed through the merger of Viewlogic Systems, Inc. and Summit Designs, Inc. Previously, Viewlogic acquired Transcendent Design Technology, Inc. These transactions formed the foundation of Innoveda's comprehensive eProduct (electronic product) solutions for system-level design, design capture, board design, and electromechanical design. Headquartered in Marlboro, Mass., Innoveda has offices worldwide. For more information visit www.innoveda.com.

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