ON Semiconductor launches Sophisticated Design Tool Initiative (ON Semiconductor)

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PHOENIX, Ariz. - May 14, 2002 - As part of a new initiative to equip engineers with the latest design tools, ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ONNN) has partnered with Intusoft to deliver fast, clean-running, multi-circuit simulation and analysis software for the implementation of Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS).

The company offers a SPICE Simulator on CD, a complimentary version of Intusoft's latest 8.x.10 Interactive Circuit Analysis Program, ICAP/4/Windows.

"Designing today's power supplies is a complicated and technically challenging endeavor plagued with the problem of achieving output stability," said Eamonn Ahearne, ON Semiconductor analog marketing director. "To enable designers to make the best possible component choices early in their board development, ON Semiconductor provides them with well-thought-out design configurations that take advantage of the company's high-performance devices. Bottom line: device simulation reduces design time and development costs."

The complimentary SPICE Simulator CD delivers 25 working power-supply templates, ranging from multiphase converters to offline Flyback converters. Intusoft's SPICE software integrates a schematic capture program with a BSIM4 level simulation engine, newly redesigned waveform analyzer and over 18,400 models. The demonstration software package enables the simulation of advanced circuits - going beyond the 20 top-level part-limit found in past demonstration versions. Designers wanting to simulate more advanced template configurations can purchase a fully functional version of Intusoft's SPICE simulator.

"The goal is to help electronics professionals designing power supplies to simulate and optimize their designs quickly and easily," said Larry Meares, Intusoft president. "With ICAP/4's built-in multi-parameter optimizer, designer can get the best performance from their circuits."

Why Simulation?
"These unique SPICE models offer simulations that are proven in the real world," said Christophe Basso, ON Semiconductor application engineer and author of Switch-Mode Power Supply SPICE Cookbook. "Designers can expect to obtain signals close to what a real scope would give, without the pain of smoking breadboards. By offering validated AC models, our simulations enable designers to evaluate and correct their designs from a stability point of view."

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