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Silvaco International is an established global leader in the development and marketing of device modeling, characterization, circuit simulation, and process and device simulation software. Our line of integrated software tools is widely used in research and development, and test and manufacturing of semiconductor devices and ICs.

In addition to our UTMOST, SmartSpice, and SPAYN software tools, Silvaco provides SPICE modeling services for the semiconductor industry. We offer an experienced staff of engineers and state-of-the-art laboratory. Our services are affordable, and designed to provide the accuracy and rapid turn around time required by our customers.

Silvaco's modeling services are ideally suited to either compliment in-house SPICE modeling capabilities when time is critical, or to provide complete SPICE modeling services for occasional needs. We support CMOS, Bipolar, Diode, JFET, GaAs SOI, TFT and HBT technologies, as well as Macro Structures.

Modeling service is performed in steps using UTMOST modeling software: Automated data acquisition, SPICE model parameter extraction, Model validation and Model generation. First released in 1984, UTMOST today is the established industry standard for SPICE parameter extraction.

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