Electronics Workbench creates StudentSuite for the electronics education market and announces exclusive distribution agreement with Pearson Prentice Hall (Electronics Workbench)

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TORONTO - August 13, 2002 - Electronics Workbench announces the release of its StudentSuite, an integrated student version of the company's leading Multisim circuit simulation software and popular Ultiboard printed circuit board layout software for the electronics education market. The company also announces that Prentice Hall, the world's largest publisher of electronics and engineering textbooks, has become its distribution partner for StudentSuite in North America. Prentice Hall is a part of Pearson Education, the world's largest integrated educational publisher. The newly integrated StudentSuite product with distribution through Prentice Hall brings the power and the potential of the computer-based "virtual laboratory" to more students and teachers in universities, colleges and high schools than ever before.

The use of Multisim and Ultiboard in the electronics classroom and lab give educators and students the ability to maneuver through the entire process of circuit design, simulation, analysis and printed circuit board layout in one seamless, computer-based environment. Using their own personal copy of StudentSuite, students can build circuits, complete labs, design printed circuit boards, and see their results in interactive 3D representations. StudentSuite puts the power of easy-to-use design software into the hands (and onto the computers) of the next generation of design engineers and technicians, enabling them to learn, practice and apply electronics through innovative curriculum and personal experimentation.

"Electronics Workbench has a longstanding relationship with Prentice Hall," said Scott Duncan, director of educational marketing for Electronics Workbench. "Prentice Hall and Electronics Workbench have worked closely together to support the unique requirements of the electronics education market by incorporating Electronics Workbench circuit files and software into many of its leading electronics texts. Our working relationship has been very successful and has helped to establish Electronics Workbench software as the de facto standard in electronics education. The announcement of Prentice Hall's exclusive distribution of StudentSuite in North America is the next logical step in a partnership that supports electronics teachers and students with superior, products, service and learning solutions."

Robin Baliszewski, president of Prentice Hall's Career, Health, Education and Technology division, commented, "We are very excited about our relationship with Electronics Workbench as it allows us to provide the premier simulation software to the electronics education marketplace. This software, coupled with Prentice Hall's market-leading materials, allows us to offer our customers a full suite of print and multimedia products. A relationship between the world's largest electronics publisher and the world's leading electronics education software developer makes obvious sense, and benefits our customers because it enhances our offerings to the educational markets we serve."

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