New Multisim From Electronics Workbench Delivers Multiple Simulation Technologies (Electronics Workbench)

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June 1, 1999 - Electronics Workbench integrates Spice, VHDL, and Verilog simulation engines into a single, easy to use, co-simulation environment, and offers multiple price points to address all design levels.

Electronics Workbench (formerly Interactive Image Technologies), the world's leading provider of simulation tools for Microsoft Windows, today announced Multisim, a complete system design tool, which offers schematic entry, SPICE simulation, VHDL design entry and simulation, FPGA/CPLD synthesis, RF capabilities, post- processing features and seamless transfer to PCB layout. Multisim, an easy to use design tool, delivers the advanced functionality needed in higher-end designs, yet comes in configurations to serve all levels of designers.With Multisim, Electronics Workbench now offers more products, at a greater variety of price points than any other company in the mid-range EDA market. Its scaleable functionality and pricing, combined with a variety of team design features, makes Multisim attractive to both individuals as well as teams of engineers who can now collaborate by designing with a common EDA tool.

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