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The EDSpice Simulator is a plug-in extension of the EDWin Electronics CAD/CAE System. It provides EDWin users with the facility to analyze and validate the functionality and behavior of circuits captured in the form of schematic diagrams. The EDSpice Simulator is based on SPICE 3F5 and XSPICE with a number of extensions and improvements. SPICE 3F5 was developed by the University of California and XSPICE was developed by Georgia Tech Research Institute. SPICE is well known in the electronics industry as a general-purpose circuit simulation program for nonlinear dc, nonlinear transient and linear ac analyses. XSPICE extends SPICE3's capabilities to allow simulation of mixed-signal (analog/digital) and mixed-level circuits. EDSpice is a separate product and must not be confused with EDWin XP/2000's current Mixed Mode Simulator.

Apart from simulating circuits captured using the editing functions of the EDWin XP/2000 Schematic Editor package, experienced SPICE users may simulate circuits generated by other CAD/CAE packages, capable of producing netlists complying with the Berkeley SPICE2G.6 format. An additional feature allows you to recreate the schematic part of EDWin XP/2000's circuit projects, by importing files in the above-mentioned standard.

SPICE netlist or input files (.CIR) generated by EDWin XP/2000 (function of EDSpice Simulator interactive module) are fully compatible with the Berkeley standard. This means that circuits captured in EDWin XP/2000 may be simulated by any third party SPICE simulator.

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