B2 Spice v4.2 animates circuits and integrates with Eagle (Beige Bag)

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Ann Arbor, Michigan - September 18, 2002 - Beige Bag Software announced it just released B2 Spice A/D v4.2 with circuit animation. This revolutionary feature shows wires changing shape and color to reflect current and voltages and parts changing color to reflect heat dissipation. Relative voltages are color-coded to magnitude and arrows display the actual current paths as they flow within the circuit. Circuits can be animated with respect to DC stepping, frequency sweep, and with respect to time.

“Circuit animation gives me both general and specific insight into the behavior of the circuit as the simulation is running. For example, I was building an amplifier today and I noticed that the current through the emitter of a key transistor was changing direction, implying avalanche breakdown in the base-emitter junction. Without circuit animation, I never would have realized that this was occurring,” said John Broskie, editor of the Tube CAD Journal.

Also, with B2 Spice A/D v. 4.2, users of Eagle, CadSoft Computer’s acclaimed PCB design program, can now transfer their circuit schematics to B2 Spice and run simulations. According to Rudi Hofer, president of CadSoft Computer, "Without B2 Spice, the only way to simulate an Eagle circuit was to export a Spice netlist, then insert Spice models and simulation commands into the netlist by hand, and then run simulations through a Spice engine. With this new collaboration, Eagle users can transfer their schematics into B2 Spice where they can simulate them quickly and painlessly with no knowledge of the Spice language."

In the process of this integration, Beige Bag generated 15,000 new parts for Eagle’s parts library, and B2 Spice added an additional 10,000 schematic parts to its library. Schematics can also be transferred from B2 Spice to Eagle schematics and from B2 Spice to Eagle PCB.

About Beige Bag Software:
Beige Bag Software has been providing affordable and innovative circuit design tools since 1990.

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