Zuken's Verification Service for IBIS component models will improve speed and accuracy of simulation in PCB Design Tools (Zuken)

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WESTFORD, Mass. - October 31, 2002 - Zuken has introduced a new service designed to improve the performance of EDA tools by verifying IBIS component models before they are used. The performance of these tools, from Zuken and other vendors, is limited by a prevalence of IBIS models of variable and indeterminate quality. The new service will eliminate this problem by delivering accurate, fully verified models.

IBIS models are used for signal integrity simulation in many EDA tools and are produced by translating IC manufacturers' SPICE models into the IBIS format. IC makers have not fully supported the IBIS format due to a lack of software to automate and verify the IBIS modeling syntax, and the wide gap between SPICE models and IBIS tools. As a result, many IBIS files are of poor quality, it is difficult for users to assess the quality of the models, and design time is extended.

Zuken's service applies a range of different verification processes to each file and customers are supplied with a fully simulated and documented model. The service is the result of Zuken's extensive experience in high-speed design and signal integrity, together with knowledge gained as members of the IBIS Open Forum.

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