IConnect TDR (TDA Systems)

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IConnect TDR software from TDA Systems is an integrated solution for high-speed interconnect impedance measurements, signal integrity modeling, model validation, and failure analysis. IConnect TDR software provides an easy-to-use integrated interface between SPICE simulations and TDR measurements, and allows the designer to quickly extract and validate interconnect circuit models, which help predict and display eye-diagram, jitter, losses, crosstalk, reflections and ringing in printed and flexible circuit boards, packages, ATE sockets, connectors, cables and cable assemblies, and on-chip interconnects.

The models validated by IConnect can be generated in IConnect or imported from other tools, such as field solvers. If frequency domain interconnect analysis is necessary, the designer can use IConnect to compute S-parameters from TDR measurement, including differential and mixed-mode S-parameters. The true impedance profile computed by IConnect allows the user to measure impedance more accurately, resolve smaller discontinuities, and locate short/open failures in multi-segment interconnects. IConnect can be used to characterize high-speed interconnects in Infiniband memory interfaces, FibreChannel, SCSI and ATA storage systems, flexible boards in disk drives, high-speed Gigabit Ethernet and Sonnet/SDH backplanes and connectors, Firewire and USB2.0 cables and cable assemblies, ATE test sockets and DUT boards, BGA and chip-scale packages. IConnect® runs on Windows NT 4.0/95/98/2000 and interfaces to TDR oscilloscope via GPIB. The IConnect modeling approach results in faster time to market and lower design costs.

IConnect allows rapid high-speed interconnect prototype characterization in time and frequency domains, which helps avoid costly and embarrassing product recalls, avoid delays in time-critical design phases, gain market share with higher performance digital system designs, and save design costs.

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