Announcing Broadband SPICE™ (Sigrity)

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SANTA CLARA, Calif. — May 21, 2002 — SIGRITY, INC. today announced the release of a new software tool, Broadband SPICE™, for generating accurate SPICE circuits over broadband frequencies for networks of complex frequency domain responses.

Broadband SPICE™ extracts highly accurate SPICE equivalent circuits from network parameters over broadband frequencies. The network parameters can be scattering, impedance or admittance (S, Z or Y) parameters of an N-port network in Touchstone™ file format. The N-port network can be as simple as a two-terminal (1-port) component or a multi-port complex system. The network parameters can be obtained from actual measurements or from full-wave, broadband electromagnetic field solvers.

HSPICE™, PSPICE™, or other SPICE compatible circuit simulators, including SIGRITY’s own time-domain simulator SPEED2000™, can then use the extracted SPICE circuits for DC, AC and transient analysis. Broadband SPICE™ can be used as a stand-alone tool for the conversion of network parameters to SPICE circuits.

Capabilities of existing tools on the market for similar functions have various limitations that can be characterized as follows:

SIGRITY’s breakthrough technologies implemented in Broadband SPICE™ yield the following superior properties:

PowerSI, SIGRITY’s full-wave power and signal integrity tool optimized for frequency-domain analysis, and Broadband SPICE™ can closely work together. After completing the frequency-domain analysis in PowerSI, the computed results can be exported in Touchstone™ format, which can then be loaded into Broadband SPICE™ and converted to SPICE circuits. The SPICE circuits generated by Broadband SPICE™ can also be used in SPEED2000™ for time-domain simulations.

Pricing and Availability
Broadband SPICE™ is available now! North America customers may request an evaluation license by contacting SIGRITY’s sales office (408-260-9344) or please send an Email: Customers outside of North America should contact their local sales representatives.

Perpetual license pricing starts at $10,000 (plus $1,500 for annual maintenance). A one-year license is also available. A special promotion for early adopters will be offered on orders received by July 31, 2002. Contact SIGRITY or your sales representative for details.

About SIGRITY Incorporated
SIGRITY, INC. is a privately held U.S. corporation established in 1994 and incorporated in 1998. SIGRITY provides software tools and services to enable the rapid development of high-performance products in an environment of ever-increasing circuit speed and packaging complexity. The core technologies for the fast electromagnetic computation methodologies used in SPEED2000 were granted two U.S. patents. SIGRITY received the National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Award Phase I in 1996, Phase II in 1997 and Phase IIB in 2000. SIGRITY's first software package, SPEED97, was released in May of 1997 - followed by a major upgrade, SPEED2000 in July of 2000. The SPEED tools have been adopted by leading companies in computer, networking, communications and consumer electronics markets. Corporate headquarters are located at 4675 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 130, Santa Clara, CA 95051. World Wide Web site:

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