Intusoft's latest simulation software package adds templates for power supply designers (Intusoft)

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Gardena, CA - October 29, 2002 - Intusoft will demonstrate the latest Power Supply Designer package at the Power Systems World exhibition (Booth 1300) in Rosemont, Illinois on October 29-31st. A complimentary demonstration copy of the software will be available at this show.

Power Supply Designer is used by electrical engineers across the aerospace, automotive, chip manufacturing and white goods industries to design and test analog and mixed-signal circuitry. The circuit simulator lets design engineers test the integrity of their designs to make the best possible component choices early on before going through the effort and expense of bread boarding and physical test.

Power Supply Designer integrates a schematic capture program with a BSIM4 level simulation engine, newly redesigned waveform analyzer, more than 18,600 models, and Magnetics Designer, a special tool for transformer and inductor design.

The free "show CD" also delivers 30 working power-supply templates, ranging from multiphase converters to offline Flyback converters. The templates make the power supply design process quicker and easier. Some of these templates profile parts from ON Semiconductor and Future Electronics. One template allows you to rapidly test the operation of an NCP1055 10-watt wall adapter. A simplified working version of this circuit is contained on the demonstration software.

The demonstration software package enables the simulation of advanced circuits - going beyond the 20 top-level part-limit found in past demonstration versions. Designers wishing to simulate more advanced template configurations can purchase a fully functional version of Power Supply Designer.

Power Supply Designer's layered reconfigurable schematic lets you create a system-level schematic drawing when all of the details may not yet be available. Intusoft developed and patented this unique layering capability (U.S. 6,230,305B1) to enable designers to re-use layers for different simulations so that part values and parameters can be located in one place. This simple, yet powerful tool lets you manage all of the data for your project within a single schematic. No other EDA tool has this feature.

Intusoft's latest 8.x.10 software version offers many new features, including the ability to open drawing files from any location, improved rubberbanding, enhanced fuse models, and easy, one-click access to the symbol editor and subdrawings. Another significant change to the software is the addition of a new, more efficient version of BSIM4. Also, Gate Induced Source Leakage (GISL) was added to the BSIM4 4.2.1 version to improve simulation convergence.

Power Supply Designer offers advanced modeling capabilities, such as Monte Carlo, Sweep and Optimization. Monte Carlo enables designers to perform statistical analyses early on, including generating histogram and probability plots and reports for measurements. Optimization measures an objective function specified by the designer, which tailors circuit parameter values to meet important design criteria. This simulation template automates the selection of component values to achieve the best design outcome, for example, output voltage, unity gain and filter passband, as specified by the objective function. Sweep analysis lets designers set a start point, end point and step sizes for two parameters simultaneously and sweep those values, graphically depicting the results.

Established in 1985, Intusoft designs, develops and markets award-winning software applications and tools for analog and mixed-signal circuit design, analysis and test automation.

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