Concept Engineering Introduces New SpiceVision™ Interactive Visualization Tool for Transistor-level Design and Debugging (Concept Engineering)

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FREIBURG, Germany - May 6, 2002 - Concept Engineering today announced the release of SpiceVision™, a new interactive visualization tool that helps chip designers debug and analyze SPICE circuits and models. SpiceVision fits into any electronic design automation (EDA) environment where SPICE design files are used to verify circuit behavior.

SpiceVision produces clean, easy-to-read transistor-level schematics from complex SPICE descriptions, reducing the design and debug time for engineers who work at the SPICE netlist level. SpiceVision is a unique tool that can take SPICE descriptions and provide intuitive design navigation, schematic views, and design documentation.

Using Concept Engineering's transistor-level schematic engine, which is capable of recognizing common device-level circuit patterns and detecting and analyzing serial/parallel circuit paths, SpiceVision generates schematics from pure SPICE connectivity information. Concept Engineering is applying the same expertise for transistor-level visualization that it's GateVision tool provides for the digital netlist market (Verilog and EDIF), helping engineers visualize the parasitic effects within complex deep-submicron designs.

"Signal integrity and timing issues are becoming more complex in today's deep sub-micron circuitry," said Gerhard Angst, president and CEO of Concept Engineering. "SpiceVision is the ideal tool to give design engineers a better understanding of circuit structures that can cause inconsistencies. SpiceVision provides insight into SPICE circuit descriptions and models that are otherwise (without interactive schematic diagrams) very difficult to understand and debug."

SpiceVision will be offered in an entry-level edition that can visualize up to 2,000 components, and in a SpiceVision PRO version with unlimited circuit size definitions. SpiceVision is available now; SpiceVision PRO will be released later this year.

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