NSPICE (Apache Design Solutions)

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Apache Design Solutions introduces NSPICE, the next generation SPICE simulator for high-speed designs; new analog simulator meets or beats HSPICE accuracy
Apache introduces NSPICE for Power Integrity and Ultrawide Broadband simulation
Apache and Xilinx unveil unique Signal Integrity Analysis Tool for Virtex-II Pro based multi-gigabit serial I/O designs
Apache announces record first quarter results

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NSPICE is the industry's first HSPICE compatible simulator that performs mixed-domain simulation between chips and systems using actual S-parameter data, without translation or fitting. The product provides a seamless and accurate simulation path - from chip to package to board to backplane and back to chip - using direct S-parameters, thereby eliminating the inaccuracies of lumped RLC model approximations.

In addition, NSPICE provides dramatic performance and capacity improvements over existing SPICE and easily drops into all simulation environments with full compatibility to HSPICE netlists and commands. NSPICE is targeted for system integrators and designers of chips, boards, connectors, and backplanes for the high-speed, multi-gigabit communications, networking, and graphics markets.

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