Electronics Workbench ships service pack 2 for its insdustry-leading Multisim and Ultiboard EDA products (Electronics Workbench)

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TORONTO — November 12, 2002 — Electronics Workbench today announces shipment of Service Pack 2 for its popular Multisim design entry and simulation system, as well as for its Ultiboard PCB layout software. Service Pack 2 offers increased efficiency, functionality, and performance for higher PCB design and layout productivity. It is being offered free of charge to all registered users of these products.
Specific features in Service Pack 2 include over 400 additions to Multisim's symbol libraries and optimization of existing models for even higher accuracy. Most importantly, Service Pack 2 offers improved capabilities to fully and easily import Orcad legacy files for schematics and layout. These product updates reflect Electronics Workbench's commitment to continuous product improvements that maximize customer investment in its PCB integrated design tools.
"At Electronics Workbench, we continue to listen to the needs of design engineers who demand innovative and powerful design solutions. With this service pack product update, we are responding to the market demand for robust translators for legacy files so customers can more easily replace their old EDA software," states Bill Wignall, President of Electronics Workbench. "This strategy of listening to customers has placed our products among the industry’s most popular circuit design tool choices with customers around the world."

Powerful, Integrated PCB Design and Layout
The Electronics Workbench design suite incorporates schematic capture; co-simulation of analog and digital circuits using SPICE, VHDL and Verilog; an RF design module; constraint-driven PCB layout and routing; and CAM verification tools — all in a highly integrated design flow. Multisim provides flexible design entry including schematic capture, a comprehensive component library in an advanced, yet easy-to-use design system. Moving from design entry to PCB layout is easy as Ultiboard streamlines all steps in the process from netlist importing and board set up, to component placement, routing and editing, and finally output for manufacturing and assembly.

Pricing and Availability
Service Pack 2 for Multisim 2001 and Ultiboard 2001, Professional and Powerpro versions, are now available free of charge. Electronics Workbench is currently shipping Service Pack 2 to all registered users who request it by calling 1-800-263-5552.
For questions about Service Pack 2, users may call this number or visit www.electronicsworkbench.com.

About Electronics Workbench
Electronics Workbench develops and markets the industry’s best selling desktop electronic design automation (EDA) software used by design engineers around the world. The company’s circuit board design system incorporates schematic capture; co-simulation of analog and digital circuits using SPICE, VHDL and Verilog; RF design tools; constraint driven PCB layout and routing; and CAM verification tools. Since 1984, the company has produced products with exceptional power, features and ease-of-use to help mainstream professional engineers and PCB designers improve productivity and shorten time to market.
Electronics Workbench has sales and support offices in North America and Europe and distribution partners in over 32 countries around the world. The company can be reached at (800) 263-5552, or at www.electronicsworkbench.com.

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