Switch-Mode Power Supply SPICE Cookbook (Christophe Basso)

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Switch-Mode Power Supply SPICE Cookbook, McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing, 2001, ISBN 0071375090

Now you can get solutions to the most difficult problems facing power supply designers: shrinking size and increased thermal constraints. Christophe Basso's SMPS SPICE Cookbook is a complete designer's toolkit with tested, ready-to-run SPICE models on an accompanying CD-ROM. The models come in all three SPICE flavors with demo versions. You can start from scratch, installing the software and simulating the examples in the book without any SPICE experience whatsoever. All the common SMPS topologies are covered: buck, boost, buck-boost, and SEPIC. Each is described in terms of relative strengths and weaknesses and then modeled. Just turn to the CD, pull out the model in the flavor of SPICE you use, plug in your own values - and out comes a design solution. All the models in the book have been carefully simulated and tested. A special website even lets you access new models that will be posted on a continuing basis.

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