SPICE based circuit analysis using Web pages (Bogdan Wilamowski, Aleksander Malinowski, John Regnier)

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Spice Internet Package
Internet as a new Graphical User Interface for the SPICE Circuit Simulator

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An application called the Spice Internet Package (SIP) has been developed for use through the Internet and intranet networks. The SIP provides an interface that is operating independent, which allows Spice simulation and analysis to be performed from any computer that has a web browser on the Internet or intranet. One can access the Spice Internet Package and try some examples with the password “sip” at the following URL: http://atlantis.uwyo.edu/sip for UNIX server and http://nn.uwyo.edu/sip/ or http://sant.bradley.edu/sip/ for Windows NT server.

The presentation shows how to use the new opportunity created by Internet technologies for the efficient and platform independent usage of CAD tools. The presented SIP is just an example, but it shows the way in which the technology can be implemented. They also illustrate how significant the impact is of a particular data flow on the programming tools and approaches taken to implement the Internet access to server-installed software. The authors are convinced that such an approach is suitable for pay-per-use access and it may revolutionize the general approach toward the development of CAD tools.

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