Ansoft announces Full-Wave (TM) Spice (Ansoft)

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Pittsburgh - June 5, 2000 - Ansoft Corporation (NASDAQ: ANST) today announced Full-Wave(TM) Spice, a new technology for broadband communications and High-speed electronic product design. Full-Wave Spice technology enables users to design electronic and communication components while taking Gigahertz-frequency effects into account.

Technology leaders like Nortel, Lucent, and Cisco already use Ansoft HFSS to design broadband communications circuits and components. Now those companies can include models generated by HFSS for their physical layer transient simulations of Gigabit Ethernet IC packages, boards and connectors; optoelectronic devices for broadband fiber modulators, receivers, and routers; and electronic devices for signal conversion in hybrid fiber-coax systems.

"Ansoft HFSS and Ensemble determine the precise electromagnetic signal propagation through electronic interconnects over a broad frequency band," said Eric Bracken, Director of Development, Signal Integrity Tools. "Full-Wave Spice enables frequency-dependent SPICE models to be generated in HSPICE, PSpice or Maxwell SPICE formats for accurate time domain simulation."

Previously, designers who needed to include electromagnetic effects in transient SPICE circuit simulation were limited to a choice of either using SPICE models that were only valid at a single frequency or hand-generating circuit topologies that mimic the complex frequency behavior of general interconnect structures. The first approach was grossly inaccurate except at the lowest frequencies; the second approach required a great deal of ingenuity and time from expert users. Full-Wave Spice changes the picture entirely. Full-Wave Spice is fully automatic, but provides accurate models of the complex frequency response of arbitrary interconnects.

A number of breakthrough technologies were developed by Ansoft Corporation to make Full-Wave Spice a reality. One of these is a proprietary modes-to-nodes conversion algorithm by which Ansoft HFSS and Ensemble determine the terminal voltage and current characteristics of interconnects from the modal solutions native in the field solvers. Another is the use of ALPS fast-sweep technology by which the frequency response of interconnects is computed efficiently over broad bandwidths. A third is proprietary transformation algorithms by which accurate and stable frequency-dependent SPICE circuit models are created.

Full-Wave SPICE will be demonstrated at the Design Automation Conference, June 5-9 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and at the IEEE International Microwave Symposium (MTT Symposium), June 11-16 in Boston. Full-Wave Spice will be commercially available in Q4 2000.

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