Ansoft announces HFSS Version 8.0 (Ansoft)

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Pittsburgh, PA - January 10, 2001 - Ansoft (NASDAQ: ANST) today announced version 8.0 of the Ansoft High Frequency Structure Simulator (Ansoft HFSS). Ansoft HFSS is a full-wave finite element electromagnetic (EM) simulator that enables engineers to design three-dimensional (3D) high-frequency structures such as connectors, IC packages, and antennas found in cellular telephones, broadband communications systems, and microwave circuits.

Technology leaders like Nortel, Lucent, and Cisco already use Ansoft HFSS to design broadband communications circuits and components. Now those companies can include models generated by HFSS for their physical layer transient simulations of Gigabit Ethernet IC packages, boards and connectors; optoelectronic devices for broadband fiber modulators, receivers, and routers; and electronic devices for signal conversion in hybrid fiber-coax systems.

Ansoft HFSS , with 70% growth in the current year, is the de-facto standard for EM simulation for the broadband communications and microwave markets. The Full-Wave Spice capability significantly broadens the market for Ansoft HFSS by also addressing the needs of the high-speed electronics industry.

Full-Wave Spice
"Full-Wave Spice is our latest technological innovation," said Dr. Zoltan Cendes, Ansoft's Founder and Chief Technology Officer. "For the first time ever, full-wave electromagnetic field solvers can produce accurate broadband SPICE models for high-speed interconnects. Our Full-Wave Spice technology enables users to design components while taking gigahertz-frequency effects into account."

With the Full-Wave Spice add-on module, HFSS users can generate high-accuracy frequency-dependent SPICE models automatically from full-wave electromagnetic field simulation. Ansoft HFSS determines the precise electromagnetic signal propagation through electronic interconnects over a broad frequency band, then generates frequency-dependent SPICE models that may be used in HSPICE, PSpice or Maxwell Spice.

Optimetrics 2.0
Optimetrics is an add-on module that allows users to perform parametric analysis, optimization, sensitivity analysis, and many other design studies from an easy to use interface. The new version now features automatic design point sensitivity analysis, interactive geometry creation and editing. “Building on the overwhelming popularity of Optimetrics, we have now automated sensitivity analysis so that engineers may create products that are optimized for manufacturability,” said Sherry Hess, Ansoft’s Senior Director of Marketing.

With AnsoftLinks for STEP and AnsoftLinks for IGES, 3D CAD designs can be readily translated and converted into Ansoft format. Engineers may export a STEP AP203 or IGES portrayal of their design from a CAD package. AnsoftLinks also supports a broader range of 2D CAD files which can be automatically created and read directly into Ansoft HFSS for RF analysis, Maxwell Q3D Extractor for high-speed interconnect analysis, or Maxwell 3D for Electromechanical analysis.

Speed and Memory Improvements
Ansoft has continued its tradition of producing a faster solver with every release. Version 8.0 now supports multiprocessing on Sun and HP workstations in addition to the Windows™ PC. The multiprocessor version provides up to 3X speed up using a four-processor machine. Version 8.0 has a new port solver with a 20dB noise floor improvement providing faster convergence and greater accuracy for all simulations. The eigenmode solver uses 50% less memory on all platforms.

Powerful New Features
Along with constant innovation and technology breakthroughs, Ansoft continues to enhance and expand the capability of HFSS in response to customer’s needs. Additional features of Ansoft HFSS V. 8 include:

Ansoft is a leading developer of high performance EDA software. Ansoft products are used by engineers to design high performance electrical devices and systems, such as cellular phones, Internet networks, satellites, computer chips, circuit boards, electronic sensors, and motors. Ansoft markets its products worldwide through its direct sales force and provides comprehensive customer support and training. For more information, please visit

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