AWR announces Microwave Office 2003 with focus on RF closure (AWR)

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El Segundo - March 24, 2003 - Applied Wave Research, Inc. (AWR(TM)), a leading provider of high-frequency electronic design automation (EDA) tools, today announced Microwave Office(TM) 2003 software with a focus on radio frequency (RF) closure.

The enhanced simulation, layout, and electromagnetic (EM) analysis suite provides monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC), RF, and microwave engineers with a dramatically improved harmonic balance simulator, new time-domain simulation engines, EM Socket(TM) interface, and other advancements in usability and performance. The solution provides a superior product development process, for the design of wireless and high-speed wired applications, by reducing risk, improving simulation capabilities, and closing the verification loop with links to test and measurement instruments.

"The Microwave Office 2003 harmonic balance simulator has been radically enhanced to increase both capacity and simulation speeds, which typically run over 500 times faster than previous versions," said Ted Miracco, executive vice president, AWR. "In addition, Microwave Office 2003 software is the first to include an optional time-domain engine to augment the harmonic balance, Voltera, and EM simulator."

Harmonic Balance Simulator
Microwave Office 2003 design suite offers impressive results, especially when "tuning" on large nonlinear circuits with near real-time feedback on circuit performance. The improved simulation performance is coupled with proprietary convergence algorithms that extend the capacity of the simulator to handle large and highly nonlinear circuits. The speed and capacity improvements can also open designs up to more rigorous statistical modeling and yield analysis, which now becomes practical on circuits that may have consumed too much simulation time in the past.

AWR has integrated Synopsys' HSPICE(R) simulation engine with AWR's core technology. A great deal of focus was placed on developing models, libraries, and measurements, completely compatible and seamless, between frequency and time-domain engines. The extensive library of transmission line elements and discontinuities have been mapped into equivalent time-domain representations and EM structures. S-parameters can also be incorporated in addition to all the standard SPICE elements.

EM Socket
AWR worked with leading EM simulation companies to create the EM Socket interface. This open standard enables users to access multiple EM simulators, from a variety of vendors, without leaving the Microwave Office design environment. The solution facilitates greater flexibility in design methodology while providing a common user interface. AWR developed the technology to interface to virtually any EM simulator and to seamlessly integrate third-party design tools into the Microwave Office design flow. The initial release will include an interface to Sonnet Software's EM product, Zeland Software's IE3D, and the Analyst simulator from Simulation Technology and Applied Research.

Price and Availability
AWR will release Microwave Office 2003 design suite to customers in Q2 2003. The product supports Windows 2000, NT, and XP. U.S. list prices for perpetual licenses range from $5,000 - $56,000 depending upon simulation capabilities. Microwave Office 2003 software will be a no-cost upgrade for existing customers with valid maintenance agreements. For more information on product pricing and availability call 310/726-3000. For product pricing and availability outside the U.S. please contact AWR or AWR's local sales representative.

About Applied Wave Research, Inc.
Applied Wave Research was founded in 1994 and is a leading supplier of high-frequency electronic design automation (EDA) products for the design of wireless telecommunications equipment, semiconductors, high-speed computers, networking systems, and a variety of other electronics-based products. AWR is a privately held company and has development offices, sales offices, training centers, and global distribution. AWR has over 400 customer companies worldwide, including virtually every major high-frequency electronic component and system supplier. The company is located at 1960 East Grand Avenue, Suite 430, El Segundo, California 90245. For more information about AWR and its products, please visit or call 310/726-3000.

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