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Product Family

PSpice Studio
Includes all the functionality of PSpice® simulator with the built-in capabilities of PSpice Advanced Analysis.

A full-featured simulator for serious analog designers. Sophisticated, internal models allow you to simulate everything from high-frequency systems to low-power IC designs. Draw on the expansive library of models to create off-the-shelf parts, or create models for new devices. Fully explore the relationships in your design with “what if” scenarios before committing to final implementation.

PSpice A/D
A sophisticated, native mixed-signal simulator and a superset of PSpice. Allows you to simulate mixed-signal designs of any size containing analog and digital parts. This includes everything from IGBTs and pulse-width modulators to DACs and ADCs. View your simulation results in both analog and digital from the same window and on the same time axis.

PSpice A/D Basics
An entry-level, mixed-signal simulation tool ideal for simulating simple, basic analog, or basic mixed-signal designs. PSpice A/D Basics imposes no limits on circuit size and performs functional simulation of digital parts in mixed-signal simulations allowing you to perform all the basic PSpice analyses.

PSpice Advanced Analysis Option
PSpice Advanced Analysis is a new product from Cadence featuring technology adapted from our Analog Workbench product. As an add-on option to PSpice or PSpice A/D, PSpice Advanced Analysis provides a unified environment for taking designs further – improving time-to-market performance and the overall quality of your design while keeping operating costs in check.

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