A new approach to parameter extraction for the Spice power MOSFET model (STMicroelectronics)

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The increasing complexity of Power MOSFET technology and the inclusion, on the same chip, of more and more intelligence together with the power switch, requires an accurate simulation of DC and AC characteristics of the power device to obtain a good correlation between simulation results and experimental data.
A robust design has to take the worst cases into consideration as well as the typical conditions. Also the simulation has to make provision for the spread of device characteristics due to manufacturing tolerances.
This paper describes a new approach to parameter extraction for a sub-circuit model of Power MOSFETs to be used in the SPICE circuit simulator which uses a powerful analytical simulator developed by SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics.
This simulator, whose models have been built considering physical structure and layout parameters, allows the optimisation of the most important device characteristics and also takes into account the possible parameter spread due to the process. For this reason the program output can give not only the average values of required parameters but also their statistical distribution.

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