STLC60133 small signal SPICE model (STMicroelectronics)

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STLC60133 small signal SPICE model is a simulation model of the STLC60133 xDSL Line Driver for AC analysis.

It is a simplified but accurate derivation of the complete Eldo description of the circuit.

xDSL systems performances heavily depend on Line Drivers features as distortion, noise and bandwidth. Distortion and noise are parameters very difficult to simulate with a simplified model, even using a full transistor model results are very far from the precision needed by an xDSL system.

The value of a model lies on its capability to simulate reality, and the need of a simplified model comes from computing resources, these are the reasons why we focused our model only on small signal features.

Those allow evaluating device compatibility with different application circuits (Line Interfaces) and main features of its AC behavior.

Overall circuit performances should be verified with laboratory testing.

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