Anasift to enter high performance Op Amp optimization and synthesis market (Anasift)

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Santa Jose, California - May 8, 2003 - Anasift Technology Inc., the inventor of Symbolic-Based Optimization (SBO) today announced that they are entering high performance op amp optimization and synthesis market with products based on Symbolic Based Optimization.

Dr. J.J. Hsu founded the company in 1998. His vision is that analog optimization can be done more efficiently and accurately at the symbolic level. Existing optimization approaches such as simplifying and linearizing the transistor models or using parameterized compilers don't result in high performance analog. Anasift's focus is on generating and optimizing SPICE netlists and fitting into existing design flows.

Anasift's initial products are aimed at optimization and synthesis of high performance op amps. The op amp is the basic building block for analog design and the op amp's performance typically gates the performance of the overall analog design. Anasift's products are designed to fit into existing Cadence (NYSE:CDN) Mentor Graphics (Nasdaq:MENT) and Synopsys (Nasdaq:SNPS) analog design flows.

Analog circuits are typically used to interface the real world to digital electronics. Analog performance impacts the reception of cell phones, the range of wireless networks, the resolution of a scanner, the resolution of a digital camera, the response of LCD displays, the sensitivity of instruments, etc. High performance analog is often the differentiator between similar products giving the competitive edge to the manufacturer with the highest performance analog. In the past, systems were partitioned into separate digital and analog ICs where the analog IC were manufactured on integrated circuit processes tailored to deliver the highest analog performance. Today, with the true advent of systems on a chip, the analog portion of the system is integrated onto the digital IC, increasing the need for analog optimization. This is precisely the market that Anasift is addressing.

Anasift's first product is currently in beta test and product details will be announced at the completion of the beta testing period. Anasift will be exhibiting at the Design Automation Conference (booth 1100) to be held in Anaheim from June 2 - 6, 2003.

About Anasift
Anasift Technology, a privately held innovative company located in Silicon Valley, is developing electronic design automation (EDA) software for analog integrated circuit (IC) design. Anasift is privately held, with nearly $6 million in funding through venture capital, corporate, and private investment sources. Investors include: Cross Pacific Venture, Ascentech Venture, Faraday Corp. of UMC Group, and individual semiconductor veterans.

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