Electronics Workbench announces Multisim 7 and Multicap 7 for professional circuit engineers and designers (Electronics Workbench)

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TORONTO - May 5, 2003 - Electronics Workbench today launches Multicap 7 and Multisim 7, its next generation, industry-leading schematic capture and simulation tools for professional printed circuit board (PCB) design.

For those who perform schematic entry without simulation, Electronics Workbench introduces Multicap 7. It is an exceptional capture program, suitable for pure schematic entry, driving simulation or feeding PCB layout. Multicap's ease-of-use results directly from Electronic Workbench's focus on optimizing the most repetitive tasks performed during every schematic design.

Multicap 7 innovations include: modeless operation (eliminating the need to switch between part placement and wiring modes), autowiring (just click on two pins and Multicap will automatically create a connection), quick and efficient part placement from logical parts bins arranged on the desktop, rubber-banding on part moves, the world's only "bus vectors" (allowing users to wire wide buses of up to 128 bits in one simple step) and an integrated database that allows any design to be instantly simulated or transferred to layout, each with the click of a single button.

Multisim 7 is a powerful simulation tool that allows the professional engineer to verify circuits and correct errors before they propagate down the design flow and become costly mistakes. Multisim includes a completely integrated version of Multicap, making it the ideal tool for creating and then instantly simulating circuits.

Multisim is the world's most popular SPICE simulator offering a legacy of impressive functionality including: patented co-simulation of SPICE/ VHDL/ Verilog/RF components, the industry's only interactive simulator allowing circuits to be changed "on-the-fly" during simulation and intuitive virtual instruments. Multisim 7 builds on this legacy with unique and truly innovative capabilities -- rare in today's shrink-wrapped EDA market. These innovations include: circuit wizards that self-generate circuitry to meet user defined parameters for filters and 555 Timers, automatic SPICE model makers, integration with National Instruments(R) Labview(R) for acquisition of real signals and comparison to simulated results, Simulation Advisor, new Virtual Instruments e.g. 4-channel oscilloscope, frequency counter, and new analyses e.g. characteristic I-V curves and 3dB point.

"Multisim 7 and Multicap 7 are completely devoted to the requirements of professional mainstream designers," said Ian Suttie, vice president of sales and marketing for Electronics Workbench. "They form the foundation of our future integrated design solutions and underscore our commitment to this market. We have more users around the globe than any other supplier of shrink-wrapped EDA software. They have spoken and we have responded with innovative functionality simply not available anywhere else."

Added Bill Wignall, Electronics Workbench CEO, "These releases demonstrate our serious on-going commitment to mainstream, desktop EDA. We are the only company in this portion of the market that is increasing its investments and its attention to the customer, while dramatically enhancing its products with new features, power and functionality. Electronics Workbench provides the long-term stability that corporations require and professional designers demand."

In the coming months Electronics Workbench will be rolling out next generation versions of its popular Ultiboard and Ultiroute PCB design software.

Professional designers can expect these tools to be tightly integrated with Multisim 7 and Multicap 7, packed with innovation and accessible from a unified GUI for increased productivity and ease-of-use. Every product from Electronics Workbench operates as a stand-alone tool, or as part of a complete design suite.

Pricing and Availability
Multisim 7 and Multicap 7 are now available. Electronics Workbench's Professional and PowerPro design portfolios are available starting at approximately $4,000, by far the best price/performance in the industry. Contact the factory at 800/263-5552 for further details, or visit www.electronicsworkbench.com.

About Electronics Workbench
Electronics Workbench provides mainstream, professional PCB designers with innovative, advanced, yet easy to use design software. The company's integrated design flow incorporates schematic capture; co-simulation of analog and digital circuits using SPICE, VHDL and Verilog; RF design tools; PCB layout and routing; and CAM verification tools. Electronics Workbench's proven technology is built on 15 years of history developing award-winning EDA tools. The company's products help users improve their productivity and the accuracy of circuit designs in order to get products to market faster.

Electronics Workbench has sales and support offices in North America and Europe and distribution partners in more than 35 countries around the world. The company can be reached at 800/263-5552, or at electronicsworkbench.com.

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