Silvaco SmartSpice-64 breaks one million transistor barrier (Silvaco)

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Santa Clara - May 30th, 2003 - Silvaco, a leading vendor of electronic design automation EDA software announced today that release 2.3.0 of its SmartSpice-64 circuit simulator, the industry's first true 64-bit SPICE simulation product, has broken the one million active device barrier. Running on a 1200Mhz, UltraSPARC III-based Sun Blade 2000 computer, SmartSpice-64 has accurately simulated megabit memories and full chip extracted clock trees with true SPICE accuracy.

“Gigahertz CPU design demands that clock trees with fully extracted parasitics are accurately validated with real SPICE,” said Uday Kapoor, Director of Corporate Tools and Circuit Technologies at Sun Microsystems. “SmartSpice-64 gives us the accuracy we need with the capacity required by our leading designs.”

All 32 bit SPICE simulators hit the physical addressable memory wall at 4 Gigabytes. SmartSpice-64 breaks this barrier running on the Sun Blade 2000 with memory capacity to simulate millions of active and passive devices. Accuracy is achieved through innovative numerical solvers—while remaining Berkeley SPICE compatible. SmartSpice-64 uses multi-threaded CPU options to accelerate run times with near linear efficiency.

“The SmartSpice-64 analog circuit simulator is a breakthrough product enabling IC designers to solve a whole new class of design problems with SPICE accuracy,” said Dr. Ivan Pesic, CEO of Silvaco. “Now it is practical to measure the timing, power and signal integrity of full-chip designs and memories with trusted SPICE accuracy—no compromise.”

SmartSpice-64 offers IC designers an unmatched accuracy, capacity, and performance solution for today’s most challenging design problems.

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