Applied Simulation Technology Announces Protel to Apsim Interface (Apsim)

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San Jose, California - Aug. 25, 2003 - Applied Simulation Technology is announcing the release and support of an interface to the Protel DXP PCB layout system. The interface gives Protel users access to Apsim's advanced Signal Integrity, Power Integrity and EMI solutions. The interface supports Protel DXP as well as older versions. The program, ApsimPL2AAIF converts all of the Protel PCB data. This includes arbitrary shapes for signal, power/ground patterns, overlapping patterns, split power planes and mesh planes. This data is converted into Apsim's proprietary AAIF format. The AAIF format is common to PCB, IC Package and ICs. The extracted AAIF data file is used to make models from PCB structures for simulation.

Apsim's products are designed to predict signal degradation and noise due to the PCB interconnects and the power delivery system. The combination of high speed (Gbit) designs and broadband applications makes it necessary to perform highly accurate simulations that account for the frequency effects while at the same time predicting the non linear time domain response. Apsim's tools are designed to simulate transmission lines and S parameters accurately in both the time and frequency domain for the mixed use of SPICE and IBIS models. Apsim offers three distinct product families. ApsimSI predicts Signal Integrity issues such as cross talk, reflections and SSO. ApsimRADIA predicts PCB EMI profiles for both differential and common modes. ApsimPI is used to characterize the PCB impedance profile for decoupling capacitor placement and evaluation of return current distributions. ApsimFDTD-SPICE also provides the most accurate and universal solution considering 3D full wave fields and nonlinear device models in the time domain. The output data comes in various forms including graphical waveforms, eye diagrams, frequency plots, spectral analysis and text reports.

Applied Simulation Technology is an EDA industry pioneer in the area of Electromagnetic modeling, extraction and simulation. The company was established in 1996 to offer Engineers novel but accurate solutions to tough Electromagnetic problems. Apsim's products are used world wide for the electrical design and analysis of IC packages and PCB.

The product is available on both UNIX and Windows operating systems.

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