XSpiceHDL (μSys∫ntegral)

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XSpiceHDL is a dynamic simulation engine connectivity tool. It combines the ease of use of an industry standard XSpice3f5 engine, schematic capture/spice netlist generator GUI, together with the Verilog HDL compliant simulation engine of your choice, or you can use the included GNU public licensed Icarus Verilog simulator executables already integrated through the Verilog VPI, into the XSpiceHDL product download. You the user, may utilize your choice of either included Verilog PLI or VPI interface DLL's depending on the your selected Verilog simulator. For example, some Verilog simulators such as Simucad Silos are PLI compliant only. Other simulators such as ModelSim are both PLI and VPI compliant.

XSpiceHDL has itself been architected from the ground up, as a native-mode system level simulator, thus as functionality is added to the GUI implementation, the full potential and capabilities of XSpiceHDL will be realized.

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