Cadence Ships OrCAD 10.0 Release (Cadence)

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Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NYSE:CDN) today announced the shipment of its OrCAD® 10.0 release, with new features, improved tool integration and enhanced technologies designed to boost productivity and reduce time to market for PCB designers. With a competitive base price of $1,355 and new solutions suites, the OrCAD 10.0 release demonstrates strong and continuing Cadenceâ support for its OrCAD product line and user community.

Following the success of OrCAD Unison suite, the OrCAD 10.0 release addresses specific design tasks of both PCB designers and electrical engineers with the introduction of three new Unison design suite configurations:

The ease of use and intuitive capabilities of every application within these suites enable rapid utilization right out of the box.

"OrCAD Capture 10.0 is a big advancement over previous versions," said Roy Vandermolen, staff engineer, Moog Aircraft Group, Salt Lake City. "The new features infuse Capture with a higher level of sophistication and capability, and have added streamlining and ease of use that significantly improve an already great product."

Key features of OrCAD 10.0 release

Cadence continuously enhances the OrCAD product line for PCB designers and engineers, offering them innovative solutions that help them increase their productivity. Four service packs for this release are scheduled until the OrCAD 10.5 version release, planned for the fourth quarter of 2004.

"Strategically, OrCAD perfectly complements our offerings in the personal productivity market. It enables us to offer tools for all levels-from novice to expert-and truly makes us a comprehensive provider," says Charlie Giorgetti, corporate vice president and general manager of the Cadence PCB Systems Division.

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