SPICE simulation and signal integrity principles for high performance digital designs (NESA)

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This seminar will provide a comprehensive educational experience in the principles of signal integrity engineering and SPICE simulation as they apply to the design of high performance digital systems' electrical performance. Discussions include transmission line theory as applied to digital time domain signals will be covered, including signal reflection and transmission, bus termination techniques and crosstalk in PC boards and discrete elements. The seminar will also cover an introduction to crosstalk theory in transmission lines and coupled discrete elements. Simulation, the methodology and "how to" of setting up SPICE simulations for high performance digital systems will be addressed. Also covered are transmission line theory of impedance, ordinary and differential, transmission, crosstalk and other effects observed in PWB interconnects in terms of "classical" logarithmic formulas as well as in terms of numerical methods of fields such as the Method of Moments.

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