Intusoft's Client-Server product selected by National Semiconductor for new WEBENCH on-line design tool (Intusoft)

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GARDENA, Calif. - Dec 16, 2003 - Intusoft announced today that its client-server product (IsSpice4 Server) was implemented as the simulation kernel for National Semiconductor's new WEBENCH Online Design Environment.

National Semiconductor has announced the launch of "Amplifiers Made Simple." This is the latest WEBENCH modality, which enables a user to prescribe parameters such as supply voltage, integrator cutoff frequency and output swing to select designs containing an op-amp, and simulate the results over the web. WEBENCH similarly creates power supply circuit topologies based on a venue of selectable ICs, automatically created from the input voltage, output voltage and current specifications.

Intusoft's IsSpice4 Server forms the backbone for the multi-processor simulation architecture of WEBENCH, which interfaces to the network by an intuitive graphical user interface and waveform viewer created by National. "The reliability and speed of Intusoft's IsSpice4 Server has been pivotal in ensuring that WEBENCH's design, simulation and waveform viewing runs solidly and as an integrated solution for our clients," said Phil Gibson, vice president of National's Web Business. "Intusoft was selected as our premiere simulation provider, given its history with multi-processing SPICE simulation technology and superior performance in benchmarks we ran against other simulation vendors."

Lawrence G. Meares, president and founder of Intusoft, added, "Our relationship with National Semiconductor has fostered truly cutting-edge technology with WEBENCH and IsSpice4 Server. National's enterprise team has created a full-circle solution based on the primary capability for which IsSpice4 Server was designed."

IsSpice4 is licensed to run on a remote server primarily targeted for web-based services, incrementally licensed for 1, 2 or 4 processors. The package includes Intusoft's IsSpice4 simulation kernel, ICAP/4 simulation environment and associated libraries, on Windows 2000/2003 servers. A time-locked annual fee provides a cost effective means for customers to start a simulation web-based service.

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Established in 1985, Intusoft develops and markets EDA software to electronics industries worldwide. Its products target a breadth of applications for all electronic markets that employ analog, mixed-signal and systems design. Intusoft's products are marketed for the purposes of design analysis, product reliability, production yield and test automation. Information on Intusoft is provided at:

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