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MoHAT is a web-based application that models the state of Diodes, Mosfets, and BJTs in any given circuit over time. MoHAT uses as input an output file from PSpice® that lists the node voltages and currents over a range of time. That file gets copied into the shockwave application, which parses it to extract both the layout of the circuit and the node voltages and currents. Using that data, MoHAT graphically displays the circuit in such a manner as to allow the user to adjust the layout of the circuit elements. The user then has the option to either "play" the circuit over a range of input or to manually adjust the input to a given value. For each input, a calculation using the surrounding node voltages and currents is done on every element to determine its state. Each allowable state corresponds to a given color that the element turns into while in that state. As the state of an element changes, the color of that element changes to indicate the new state.

MoHAT not only displays the circuit, but it also has the capability to display a graph of any node voltage or current vs. the input. This gives users the option to view multiple inputs or any node that might be of interest. The graphing feature allows for up to six graphs at a time that can be moved around the screen at the user's discretion.

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