The Extreme PSpice Workshop (RCG Research)

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The Extreme PSpice Workshop is intended for the experienced PSpice user who wants to know more about the intrinsic models in PSpice: diodes, BJTs, JFETs, and MOSFETs, more about Analog Behavioral Modeling, and more about Monte Carlo and Worst-Case analyses.

The class begins with a study of Analog Behavior Models. AtoD converters, laser diodes, relays, photosensors and other electronic components are presented along with their data sheets. A step-by-step procedure is presented to show how to create an analog behavioral model of each device.

The second day of the course examines the function of each of the Model Parameters of the intrinsic PSpice devices and shows how they affect I-V and C-V characteristics of the device. Each device is examined with an eye towards performing a Monte Carlo analysis and calls out the parameters necessary for this type of simulation.

The third day of class show students how to take what they have learned about intrinsic and behavioral models and use them in Monte Carlo analyses. Students learn how to perform Monte Carlo analyses with uniform, Gaussian, and User-Defined distributions. Students learn the difference between Monte Carlo and Worst-case analysis and when to use either. Students also learn how to use Goal Functions to measure and display critical engineering values.

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