Sandwork joins Synopsys in-Sync program for verification of analog and mixed-signal designs (Sandwork)

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Los Altos, California - February 11, 2004 - Sandwork Inc., a leading provider of circuit-level debugging solutions for analog and mixed-signal chip designs, today announced it has joined the Synopsys in-Sync(R) program to ease the verification flow for integrated circuits (ICs) containing analog and mixed-signal circuitry.

Through the in-Sync program, Sandwork's SPICE Explorer(TM), a transistor-level debugging environment offering pre-simulation SPICE-centric productivity resources and WaveView Analyzer(TM), a post-simulation high-performance analog/mixed-signal waveform analyzer, will interface with Synopsys' HSPICE(R) and NanoSim(TM) for high accuracy and high performance circuit simulation, respectively.

Users of HSPICE and NanoSim now have a common transistor-level debugging environment for both netlist checking and waveform analysis. In addition, through WaveView Analyzer's new features such as Eye Diagrams and mixed-signal design capabilities, users can efficiently analyze HSPICE- and NanoSim-generated waveform files.

"For years Synopsys has initiated programs of its own and worked with standards bodies and industry organizations to advance tool interoperability throughout the electronic design automation industry," said Karen Bartleson, director of interoperability at Synopsys Inc. "Through the in-Sync interoperability program, Synopsys works with EDA vendors to identify and implement optimal joint flows that maximize the productivity of our customers."

"HSPICE and NanoSim are recognized worldwide as the industry standards for analog and mixed-signal simulation," said Jack Yao, president and CEO of Sandwork. "It's extremely important for users of these tools to have an efficient way to review and analyze the vast amount of data generated during multiple simulation runs. The in-Sync program has enabled us to provide a comprehensive, high-performance debugging environment for HSPICE and NanoSim users that not only speeds up their verification cycle, but also reduces the total design cost of analog and mixed-signal chips."

About Spice Explorer and WaveView Analyzer
SPICE Explorer is a waveform analysis and debugging tool that addresses the need for an effective, high-performance transistor-level debugging environment. The tool is built upon netlist-driven debugging and visualization modules. SPICE Explorer provides front-to-back productivity solutions to speed up the verification cycle and reduce total design cost.

WaveView Analyzer is a waveform analysis tool developed for analog/mixed-signal IC designers. It provides a wide range of analysis functions and offers the best format support in the industry. The program can be used as a stand-alone application, or as an integrated part in Sandwork's SPICE Explorer debugging environment. WaveView Analyzer offers the capacity and performance to process large waveform files for viewing and summarizing simulation results. With 64-bit file system support and Sandwork's proprietary WDF waveform compression technology, it significantly decreases the time required to display and analyze enormous amounts of simulation data from today's advanced SoC designs.

About Sandwork Design
Sandwork Design Inc. develops transistor-level debugging and waveform analysis software for complex analog and mixed-signal semiconductors and systems on a chip. Sandwork's netlist debugging and waveform analysis products allow customers to shorten design cycles and improve chip performance. Headquartered in Los Altos, Calif., Sandwork is privately held and has been profitable since 2001. Further information is available at the company's Web site at

SPICE Explorer and WaveView Analyzer is a trademark of Sandwork Design Inc. All other company names and products referenced herein are trademarks of their respective holders.

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